How do team members set up personal wallets?

Setting up your personal wallet is super simple and only takes a few steps. You’ll already be able to send money to other team members without needing to provide any additional details. However,  to send money from your personal wallet to your bank account, you’ll need to provide your bank account details and successfully pass our verification process. 

Learn how to: 

Prepare your details

You’ll need the following details and documents to connect your bank account with your Fresha wallet. We recommend gathering all of this information before getting started. 

✔️ Personal details and proof of ID

You’ll need to provide proof of ID in the same name as your bank account holder details.   

Acceptable proof of ID: 

    • Valid passport 
    • Vaid driving license (front and back)
    • Valid Identity card (front and back)

Proof of ID guidelines:

Your proof of ID must meet the following requirements:

    • Showing your date of birth.
    • Showing your residence address.
    • Showing your full name
    • All four edges of the ID are visible.
    • The image is in focus.
    • There are no blurs or light reflections.
    • There are no obstructions on the ID image

✔️ Bank details and proof of banking

You’ll need to pair your bank account with Fresha and provide proof of banking for verification. 

Acceptable proof of banking: 

    • Full-page bank statement 
    • Letter from the bank
    • Void cheque issued by the bank

Proof of banking guidelines:

Your full-page bank statement must meet the following requirements:

    • Show the bank account holder’s full name 
    • Dated within the last six months
    • Show the bank logo with no obstructions. 
    • Show the full account number with no obstructions. 
    • Be clear and legible.
    • Please note mobile app screenshots and bank card pictures are not accepted.

NOTE: Your proof of banking and proof of ID must match the bank account holder's details.

Adding your bank details 

  1. Access your wallet through the Wallet or Avatar icon on your Fresha account.
  2. Under Account balance, you’ll see a prompt to set up your wallet. Click Set up now. 
  3. Enter your password on the Secure setup and click Continue. 
  4. Review the information while clicking Next step until you're asked to Choose your bank account type.
  5. Select your bank account type and click Next step.
  6. Ensure you have all the required details and documents before clicking Next step.
  7. Enter your bank account details
  8. Upload your proof of banking and click Next step
  9. Select the proof of ID type you wish to upload e.g. a driver's licence. 
  10. Upload your proof of ID and click Next step.
  11. Add your bank account holder details. These must match the proof of banking document and the proof of ID document. 
  12. Click Next step to submit your details. 
  13. You’ll see that your bank details have been added successfully. Fresha will verify these details and send you a confirmation email, letting you know that you can start sending and receiving funds.


  • Verifying your identity and bank account information can take up to two business days.
  • Team members cannot payout funds to their bank account until their account has been successfully verified by Fresha.

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