I have a new bank account, how do I update this with Fresha? 

Depending on the changes that occurred, there are 2 situations here and each has its own requirements:

  1. If you’ve only changed your bank account number / banking provider but the bank account holder details remain the same, you will need to provide the new bank account number and a new matching bank statement as proof.
  2. If you've changed your your bank account number and your personal details also have changed, you will need to provide:

Update your bank account number

  1. Click on your Wallet and select Bank accounts.
  2. Click on the three dots next to your current bank account and select Edit bank account.
  3. Update your bank account details for the account you wish to receive payouts to and upload a matching bank statement as proof. 
  4. Click Submit details

Update the bank account holder details

  1. Click on your Wallet and select Bank accounts.
  2. Click Edit next to your current bank account to edit the account holder details.
  3. In the next page, choose your account type. If no changes here, simply click Next and select a proof of ID you wish to upload.
  4. Review the required fields and upload the relevant documentation following the instructions on the screen.

Verifying your account can take up to two business days, provided that you've submitted the required documentation - you’ll receive an email confirming your account has been verified. You can collect payments while waiting to have your new details verified, however, funds will be automatically released as soon as your account has been verified

NOTE: If you have a Fresha terminal assigned to your account, reach out to us via our Contact us form to unassign it (we recommend this to be done on a day you are closed to prevent any disruptions) otherwise you will not be able to upload the new documents. Once your account has been successfully verified, we will re-assign the terminal back to your account.

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