Top-up your business wallet

Add money into your business wallet with ease. We’ll walk you through the quick steps needed to top-up your business wallet using the payment method saved to your Fresha account.

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Wallet top-up overview 

Collect client payments directly into your business wallet, ready to send to your locations and team members. When your wallet balance is running low, Fresha allows you to top-up funds by adding money from the payment card saved to your account.

Getting started

Ensure your account has been successfully verified to enable Fresha’s wallet top-up feature. 

A small processing fee will apply each time you top-up your wallet. This will appear when entering the balance amount as well as on your invoice, wallet activity and email notification. Before topping up, check that your bank account has enough funds to cover this fee.  

How to top-up your business wallet

  1. Access your business wallet by clicking on the wallet icon.
  2. If you have multiple locations, select the location wallet where you want to add money. 
  3. Click Actions and select Add money
  4. Your account's existing payment card will be pre-populated to send money to the business wallet. 
  5. Enter the balance you wish to top-up your wallet with. 
  6. Add a reference note and click Review. 
  7. Once you’re happy with the translation details, click Add money
  8. Your payment may take up to 20 seconds to process on-screen.
  9. Once the transfer is complete, click Okay, got it to view the transaction details in your wallet.

Fresha’s top tips

🟣 You can change the payment card used to top-up your business wallet by heading to Payment methods and clicking the three dots to update the existing card on file before topping up.

Fresha’s FAQs 

Can I withdraw my transfer after adding money to the business wallet? 

When topping up your business wallet, the transaction cannot be sent back from the wallet to the payment card. 

Can I top up my wallet for each location? 

If you have multiple locations, you can add money to each location separately. You’ll need to select the location wallet before continuing with the top-up steps. 

Where can I find the fees associated with my wallet top-up? 

The wallet top-up processing fee will be shown when entering the amount you want to add to your business wallet. Once the payment has been processed, the fee will appear on your invoice, wallet activity and email notification.

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