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Find what you’re looking for when reviewing your performance. We’ll walk you through the reports available with Fresha.

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Available reports overview 

Understanding how well your business is performing lends a hand to your growth and success. Whether you're tracking sales, measuring your team's performance, or monitoring inventory, we’ve got a selection of flexible reporting tools to help.  Each report is pre-defined, tracking different metrics with a specific function. Within each report category, you’ll find: 

  • A summary report - Summarised data, making a great overview.
  • A list of additional reports - Full records that can be filtered to your needs.

Data for dashboards and reports will refresh every 20 minutes to 1 hour. At the top of each page, you can find a timestamp for when the data was last updated.

Available reports


Find a visual overview of how well your business is doing overall and online with sales and clients. 

  • Performance dashboard - Dashboard of your business performance.
  • Online dashboard - Online sales and online client performance.
  • Performance summary - Overview of business performance by team or location. Available with Insights.

Sales reports

Analyse the performance of your business by comparing sales across products, staff, channels, and more. 

  • Sales summary - Dynamic sales summary with advanced filters and groupings.
  • Sales by time period - Detailed sales data based on selected time periods. Available with Insights.
  • Sales list - Complete listing of all sales transactions.
  • Sales log detail - In-depth view of each sale transaction.
  • Gift card by time period - Gift card sales and usage data based on selected time periods. Available with Insights.
  • Gift card list - Full list of issued and outstanding gift cards.
  • Membership list - Complete list of active memberships.
  • Discount summary - Overview of discounts granted and their impact on sales.
  • Taxes summary - Summary of all tax-related transactions.

Finance reports

Monitor your overall finances including sales, taxes, and payments. 

  • Finance summary - High-level summary of sales, payments and liabilities
  • Payments summary - Payments split by payment methods.
  • Payment transactions - Detailed view of all payment transactions.
  • Cash flow summary - Overview of funds inflow and outflows.
  • Cash flow statement - Detailed record of cash flow over a selected period.
  • Service charges - Breakdown of service charge revenue.
  • Liability summary - Overview of company liabilities by type.
  • Liability activity - Detailed view of liability-related transactions.
  • Deposits by time period - Analysis of deposits over a selected time period. Available with Insights.
  • Deposit list - Complete record of all deposits.

Appointment reports

Keep on top of projected revenue from upcoming appointments and track cancellation rates and reasons. 

  • Appointments summary - General overview of appointment trends and patterns.
  • Appointments list - Full list of scheduled appointments.
  • Appointment cancellations & no-show summary - Insight into appointment cancellations and no-shows.

Team reports

Get a wider view of your team's performance, time off, hours worked as well as commission and tip earnings. 

  • Working hours summary - Overview of operational hours and productivity.
  • Team time off report - Detailed view of team time off.
  • Commission summary - Summary of commissions grouped by item and team member.
  • Commission detailed - Full list of all sales with commissions payable.
  • Tips summary - Analysis of gratuity income
  • Tips detail - Comprehensive breakdown of all tips received. Available with Insights.

Client reports

Gain insights into how clients interact with your business and find out who your top spenders are. 
  • Client summary - High-level overview of client demographics and activity.
  • Client list - Comprehensive list of all active clients.
  • Client insights - Deep dive into client behaviour and preferences. Available with Insights.

Inventory reports

Monitor product stock levels and adjustments made, analyse product sales performance, consumption costs, and more. 

  • Stock on hand - Current status and quantity of stock items.
  • Stock movement summary - Summary of stock inflow and outflow.
  • Stock movement log - Detailed record of all stock movements.
  • Product list - Comprehensive list of all products.
  • Ordered stock - Detailed record of all stock orders.


  • With Insights, you can duplicate any one of our pre-defined reports to make changes and customise the metrics for your exact needs.  
  • Check out appointments as soon as they’ve been completed to keep your reporting consistent. This will make it easier to detect any unwanted anomalies like unpaid invoices.


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