Explore Fresha’s reports

Navigate through your reports like a pro. We’ll guide you through where to find reports and how to use search features and filters.

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Getting started

Each report is categorised and built up of specific metrics that can be filtered when viewing. 

Upgrade to Insights to view premium reports and optional paid reporting features like sharing and customisation. 

Discover the reports menu 

To view Fresha reports, head to Reports and use the menu to find specific insights.

All reports  

Find all reports stored together, including any custom reports you’ve created.

NOTE: At the top of each report, there will be a timestamp for when the data was last updated. Allow 20 minutes to 1 hour for the data in each dashboard and report to refresh.


Star your most used reports to add them to your Favourite tab for quick access. 


Explore two free dashboards with visual summaries of the key metrics impacting your business. 

Explore two free dashboards with visual summaries of the key metrics impacting your business. 

Standard, Premium, and Custom reports 

Find 41 pre-defined reports, designed to bring you vital data and insights on how well your business and team members are doing. You can find all reports divided into three categories: 

  • Standard - Find a full record of free pre-defined reports, available to everyone. 
  • Premium - Unlock more flexible pre-defined reports, available with Insights.
  • Custom - Create custom reports to target specific data,  available with Insights.


Organise your reports into folders and manage team access with easy controls, available with Insights.

Search for reports

Search, filter, and sort any list within reports to find what you’re looking for. Use the below search filters:  

Search bar -  Enter any text that’s included within your report’s title or description to locate it. 

Created by - Use the drop-down menu to view reports created by: 

  • Anyone (All reports)
  • Fresha (Pre-defined reports created by Fresha) 
  • Me (Custom reports created by you using Insights)

Sort by - Use the drop-down menu next to the created by option to reorder by: 

  • Category (The category of data for each report) 
  • Last updated (The date your custom report was last edited with Insights)
  • A - Z (In alphabetical order from A - Z)
  • Z - A (In alphabetical order from Z - A)

 Filter and group data

Filter the data in each report and dashboard to refine the information you see by using the below steps:

  1. Head to Reports and open the report you want to view.

  2. At the top of the report, you will see a set of drop-down options. 
  3. Click the first drop-down to Group by the relevant data you want to see. 
  4. Click the calendar drop-down to view a specific date range.
  5. Click Filters to apply one or more preferences that are tailored to the report's purpose.
  6. Make sure you click Apply for each filter. 

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