Managing report permissions

Give your team members access to specific reports. We’ll guide you through how to set permissions levels that determine who can access specific reports and tools.

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Report permission overview

Share and manage access for reports and folders with Fresha’s advanced permissions settings, available with Insights. As a business owner, you can control a team member’s access to reports ensuring your data is only shared and made available to the relevant people.

Four levels of access can be granted to your team members: 

    • Full access - Can edit and share with others. 
    • Can edit - Can edit but not share with others.
    • View only - Cannot edit or share with others but can view. 
    • No access - Cannot access or view.  

Anyone with Account setup permissions for your business account will be able to sign up for Insights.

Set up report access for your team

Grant team members access to specific reports by allocating the correct permissions for each individual. 

  1. Head to your Business settings and select Permissions.
  2. Configure the following sections to set the levels of permission for reports: 

All reports

  • Enabled the permission (ticked box) to give the team member access to your Standard reports. 
  • Disable the permission (unticked box) so that the team member cannot access any reports. 

New reports

  • When this permission is enabled (ticked box), the team member will have access to your Custom reports, as well as your Standard reports
  • When this option is disabled (unticked box), the team member cannot access newly created custom reports. They will still be able to access existing reports or ones created before this setting was disabled.

You can also decide who team members are sharing a custom report with. Click here to learn more on how to share reports with other team members. 

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