Duplicating reports

Duplicate and customise reports for the specific data you're looking for. We’ll guide you through the quick steps to duplicate Fresha's reports. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Duplicate reports overview

Fresha offers 41 reports packed with crucial data that reflects the performance across your business and teams. By signing up to Insights you’ll be able to make these even more valuable to your business needs by creating custom reports. 

Accelerate the custom report creation process by duplicating reports with this effective tool. Each of Fresha’s pre-defined reports can be duplicated and renamed for multiple variations or completely customised to provide specific insights. 

Duplicate reports 

To duplicate a report, follow these steps:

  1. Head to Reports and open the report you want to duplicate. 
  2. Click Options and select Duplicate
  3. Enter the report name and add a brief description
  4. Select the Folder you want to save the report under or create a new folder by entering a new name in the Folder field. If no folder is selected, the report will show under the Custom section.
  5. Configure your report to your needs using the Customise menu
  6. Once customised, click Apply to save the changes.

TOP TIP: Selecting the Customise button on a report will automatically allow you to duplicate the report before updating it for your needs.

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