Sharing reports

Collaborate on editing reports by sharing them with team members. We’ll show you how to share valuable reports with others by adjusting access levels. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Sharing reports overview

Reports hold valuable information about your business, team members, and online performance. To ensure your privacy is protected, Fresha allows you to share reports with specific team members, using access levels so your data is always in the right hands. 

Sharing reports is a part of Fresha’s premium tools available with Insights

Share reports with your team

  1. Head to Reports and open the report you want to share. 
  2. Click Options and select Share
  3. Search by the team member or group names. 
  4. Select the relevant for the following permissions:

    Full access - Can edit and share with others.

    Can edit - Can edit but not share with others.

    View only - Cannot edit or share with others but can view. 

    No access - Cannot access or view. 

  5. The permission level will automatically save once selected.  

If you want to share all reports, head to Reports, click on Options and select Share.

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