Send automated rebooking reminders

Increase your rebooking rates by sending clients reminders to book after their appointments. We’ll guide you through how to set up and customise automatic rebooking reminders. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Getting started

Reminders to rebook are available within Fresha's automated messages. To send these as text messages to clients, ensure that you have access to Fresha's paid features and your monthly text message quota is topped up.

Set up reminders to rebook

Rebooking reminders can be configured within each service from the Notifications settings section or by going to Client notifications under Business Settings and selecting Reminder to rebook. To set up reminder to rebook notifications: 

  1. Head to Clients and select Automated messages.
  2. Under Increase bookings, select Reminder to rebook.
  3. Select Edit under Rebooking timeframe to change the default settings.
  4. Choose which services your reminders will apply to and how long they will be sent after the appointment. Enter the value and use the drop-down menu to select the timescale as either Days or Weeks after.
  5. To set the same rebooking timeframe for every service, check the box for Services, select Bulk edit, enable the toggle, and set the timeframe before clicking Apply change.
  6. Use the Status toggle to enable/disable the reminder for each service. 
  7. Click Save to return to the automation rules screen. You can select Preview services for a quick overview of your settings. 
  8. Click Next step to choose which channels you want to send your reminder to rebook from. 
  9. Use the toggles to enable the notification next to the relevant channel and click Save changes:

Text message - Allow reminders to be sent via text message at a fee which will be outlined and deducted from your text message allowance. Select Preview to see what your reminder will look like. 

Email - Allow reminders to be sent via email for free. Select Preview and edit to make changes and send yourself a test email reminder to rebook.


  • Make sure your clients receive reminders by ensuring that the mobile number saved to their profile is valid. We also recommend merging duplicate clients so only one reminder is sent to the client. 
  • Manage your bookings daily and checkout completed appointments on time so your reminder to rebook notifications are triggered. Learn about the power of checking out appointments.  


Q. Does the reminder to rebook apply to multi-service or package bookings? 

If a client has a multi-service or package booking,  a reminder to rebook will be sent however this will only be for the most recently completed service booked within the package or multi-service booking. 

Q. Will my client receive two reminders to rebook for appointments that were on the same day?

Fresha will only send clients one rebooking reminder to ensure your client is not confused or overwhelmed. If two reminders clash, we will only send a reminder for the most recently completed service. 

Q. If my client has an upcoming appointment, will they still be sent a reminder to rebook?

Clients with upcoming appointments won't receive a reminder to rebook as they are already due for another appointment with you. 

Q. Where can I find a record of sent reminder to rebook notifications?

A record of all sent reminder to rebook messages can be found by heading to Clients and selecting Notifications

Q. Is the reminder sent if the appointment is cancelled or a no-show? 

Reminder to rebook notifications will only be sent once an appointment is booked or completed. If the client is a no-show or cancels the appointment, no reminder to rebook will be sent.

Q. Is there an option to limit the reminder to rebook to selected locations or team members?

Reminder to rebook notifications are based on the services booked by the client. Currently, there is no option to limit these by location or team member. 

Q. Can I exclude some services from the reminder?

With Fresha you can choose which services a reminder to rebook is sent for. To exclude any services from this notification, simply disable the toggle during set-up. 

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