Transitioning to new reports

Fresha's new reporting brings you deeper insights into your business's performance. You can still access all of the same data as before in a new innovative way. To help you explore our new reports, use the guide below to find the data you need while transitioning over. 

In this guide, we'll cover 

TOP TIP: Filter and group data using the tabs above each report to view the specific information you need. For example, group the Sales summary report by Team member to find Sales by team member, or filter by Team member to only see sales for a particular team member.

Standard reports 

The following reports are part of Fresha's Standard reports which are all available to you for free.

Old report  New report Report summary
Sales by item Sales summary

A summary of sales quantities and values using advanced groups and filters.




Sales by type Sales summary
Sales by service Sales summary
Sales by product Sales summary
Sales by location Sales summary
Sales by channel Sales summary
Sales by client Sales summary
Sales by team member Sales summary
Sales by hour Sales summary
Product sales performance Sales summary
Sales log Sales log details

In-depth view into each sale transaction.

Gift card sales

Gift card list 

Full list of issued and outstanding gift cards.

Gift card redemptions

Liability activity

Finances summary Finance summary 

High-level summary of sales, payments and liabilities

Payments Summary Payment summary 

Payments split by payment methods.

Payment transactions Payment transactions

Detailed view of all payment transactions.

Taxes summary Taxes summary

Summary of all tax-related transactions.

Service charges Service charges

Breakdown of service charge revenue.

Tips collected Tips detail

Comprehensive breakdown of all tips received.

Discount summary Discount summary

Overview of discounts granted and their impact on sales.

Outstanding sales

Sales list (unpaid)

Complete listing of all outstanding balances, filtered by unpaid or part-paid invoices.

Sales list (part-paid)

Deposits activity Deposit list

Complete record of all deposits.

Appointments list Appointment list 

Full list of scheduled appointments.

Appointments summary Appointment summary

General overview of appointment trends and patterns.

Appointment cancellations Appointment cancellations & no-show summary

Insight into appointment cancellations and no-shows.

Team members working hours Working hours summary 

Overview of operational hours and productivity.

Team members time off Team time off report

Detailed view of team time off.

Tips by team member Tips summary

Analysis of gratuity income.

Team member's commission summary Commission summary summary of commissions grouped by item and team member.
Team members commission detailed Commission detailed  Full list of sales with commissions payable.
Client list Client list

Comprehensive list of all active clients.

Stock on hand Stock on hand 

Current status and quantity of stock items.

Product consumption Stock on hand
Stock movement log Stock movement log

Detailed record of all stock movements.

Stock movement summary Stock movement summary

Summary of stock inflow and outflow.


Premium reports

The following reports are part of Fresha's Premium reports which are all available when you subscribe to Insights

Old report  New report Report summary
Sales by team member breakdown Performance summary

Overview of business performance by team or location.

Sales by an hour of day Sales by time period 

Detailed sales data based on selected time periods.

Sales by day Sales summary 

A summary of sales quantities and values using advanced groups and filters.

Sales by month Sales summary 
Sales by quarter Sales summary 
Sales by year Sales summary 
Gift cards outstanding balance Gift card by time period 

Gift card sales and usage data based on selected time periods.

Deposits outstanding balance

Deposit by time period

Analysis of deposits over a selected time period.

Client retention Client insights

Deep dive into individual client behaviour and preferences. 


Fresha’s FAQs 

Q. Can I still access old Fresha reports?

Old Fresha reports are no longer available. However, you can find all your report data under Fresha's new Standard and Premium reports.




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