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When welcoming someone new to your team, set them up as a team member to ensure a simple experience for yourself, your team and your clients.

This guide covers:

Getting started

Start by setting up your locations, services, and permission levels so they can be assigned to your team members. Doing this helps create a cohesive workflow and simple booking navigation for both you and your clients. 

Creating a team member

To create a new team member: 

  1. Head to Team members under Team
  2. Click on Add new or the Add + button, if you’re using the Fresha app.
  3. Use the menu to add your team member’s Personal, Workspace, and Pay details before clicking Save.

Adding personal details

To add and manage your team member's personal profile: 

  1. Create a team member and select Profile.
  2. Click on the camera icon to add a profile picture for your team member. Upload and crop your preferred photo before clicking Apply.
  3. Enter the team member's First name, Last name, Email address and Phone number
  4. Select a Calendar color to represent the team member and help locate their appointments quickly. Your appointment color source can be configured under your business details
  5. Add the team member's Job title, this will be visible to your clients when booking online.
  6. Under Employment details, enter a Start date and End date for the team member's employment. You can manage and update these at any time. 
  7. Add any private Notes regarding their employment details and click Save


  • For team members to have individual login access and receive notifications, you must provide an email address under their personal details. Once you have created a team member, an email invite will be sent to the team member to join Fresha and your workspace.
  • Team members can upload their own profile image through their personal account by clicking the avatar icon, selecting Profile, then Edit. Here, they can upload their image using the camera icon and crop it accordingly before saving. The image you upload for your team member's profile will override this. 

TOP TIP: Double-check that you've entered your team member's name, profile picture and job title accurately as these will be visible, along with their review rating, to clients booking online for single and multi-service appointments.

Adding workspace details

When creating a team member, update their workspace details by defining their services, locations, and settings.


To choose the services your team member provides: 

  1. Select Services from the team member's profile.
  2. Scroll through the list of services and tick the box next to each service that can be performed by the team member.
  3. Click Add to save.

TOP TIP: Quickly find specific services by using the search option, or tick the box next to All services if your team member can do everything on your list.


To choose the locations where your team member works:

  1. Select Locations from the team member's profile.
  2. If you have multiple locations, scroll through the list and tick the box next to each location where your team member will work.
  3. Click Add to save.

NOTE: To save a team member's profile, make sure you assign them to at least one location. If they can work at all locations, tick the box next to All locations.


To choose if your team member is bookable on the calendar and if clients can book them online: 

  1. Select Settings from the team member's profile.
  2. Under Appointment settings, tick the box next to Allow calendar bookings to enable the team member to receive bookings on the calendar. 
  3. Click Add to save. 

To choose the access level your team member has to the workspace: 

  1. Select Settings from the team member's profile.
  2. Under Permission level, use the drop-down menu to select the  access level the team member has to the workspace from No access, Basic, Low, Medium and High.
  3. Click Add to save. 


  • The permission levels can be configured under your permission settings
  • If your team member is permitted to access your workspace, they'll receive an email notification once you save the profile.

TOP TIP: If you set the permission level to No access, you can save your team member with only their first name and locations, without needing their email address.

Adding pay details

Upgrade to Fresha's Team Pay add-on to enhance your team member management with wages and timesheets, commissions, and pay runs. 

Wages and timesheets 

Set up your team member's earnings by selecting an hourly rate, and if needed, include overtime calculations and rates. Use timesheets to measure hours worked and lateness, or use automated timesheets to automatically calculate wages from shifts and breaks.  Learn more about setting up how much your team member earns with Wages and timesheets.


Set up tailored commissions for your team member to earn on services, products, memberships and gift cards. Commissions can be configured as a fixed rate or tiered based on the structure and sales period selected by you. Learn more about how you can configure the Commissions earned by each team member.

Pay runs

Choose to include your team member within pay runs and configure a preferred payment method for them. You can also determine which fees will be deducted from their pay when completing a pay run. Learn more about choosing how to pay your team members with Pay runs

NOTE: Once you've added a team member, you can rearrange their position on your calendar and online by selecting Options, choosing Change the order, and dragging them into place.


  • Keep your account secure by setting up individual logins for each team member instead of sharing the ones belonging to you as an owner. This way you can track the team’s activity too.
  • Export your team members for a quick and clear view of their settings.


Q. Can I assign a team member to more than one location?

Team members can be assigned across multiple locations. You can choose to assign them to selected locations or all locations through their team member profile.

Q. Can I adjust the team member’s permission after they have been set? 

You can update your team member’s details, including their permission levels, at any time. For this, select the Team member, click on Actions, then Edit and update their profile before clicking Save

Q: Can I create a team member profile without giving them system access?

Yes, you can create a team member profile without granting system access. During the setup in the Settings section, set the permissions to No access. This will ensure that an invitation is not sent.

Q:  If my team member already has a professional account, can I change their details when adding them to my workspace?

When a team member is connected to your workspace, we'll use their profile details by default. You can update these at any time for your workspace without impacting the team members personal profile.

Q: Is it possible to delete a team member’s avatar?

If the team member has added their avatar and is connected as a Fresha user, you cannot delete it. However, you can override it by uploading a different picture.

Q: How do I permanently delete a team member's profile?

To permanently delete a team member's profile, first archive the profile by clicking Actions and Archive. Then, change the filters on the team member list to Archived, select the profile, click Actions again, and choose Delete permanently.

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