Set up permissions

Set team permissions to ensure controlled access to sensitive client information.

This guide covers:

Getting started

Start by adding your team before defining access levels, applying them to team members, and managing the visibility of client contact information. 

Defining permission levels

There are different levels from Basic, Low, Medium, High, and Owner, each with varying access rights. To set your permission levels:

  1. Head to Permissions under Business settings.
  2. Use the checkboxes to review and adjust permission levels according to the access you wish to grant to different team members. 
  3. Click Save changes

NOTE: Owner accounts have full system access while all logged-in staff can access the calendar and areas where the appropriate permission levels are enabled. 

TOP TIP: We’ve made some recommendations for access levels below:

  • Basic - For viewing access only.
  • Low - For service providers.
  • Medium - For admin and receptionists.
  • High - For management. 
  • Owner - Has access to all sections by default.

Applying permission levels to team members

You can set team permissions when adding their team profile to your Fresha account. If you’ve decided to do this at a later date:

  1. Head to Team members under Team.
  2. Click on an existing team member and select Actions and Edit.
  3. Select Settings from the menu and use the drop-down menu under Permission level to assign an access level. 
  4. Click Save.


  • Once confirmed, the team member will receive email instructions to set up their login password. If they have trouble finding the email, please ask them to check their junk or spam folder as it may have been routed there by mistake.
  • A team member's email address is unique and can only be used once. If the email address is already associated with an admin account or another Fresha business, you'll need to request a different email to grant them access.

Archiving or adjusting team access

To change or remove user permissions for team members at any time:

  1. Head to Team members under Team.
  2. Select the existing team member and click on Actions and Edit.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Under Permission level, use the drop-down menu to choose the adjusted level of access you’d like them to have. If you change their access level to No Access, the team member will automatically be logged out, and they’ll no longer have access to your account.
  5. Or, click Options and select Archive to temporarily remove their profile. Reconfirm by selecting Archive again when prompted. Archived team members may be viewed by adjusting your filter settings, and may be restored at any time.
  6. Click Save.

TOP TIP: If you’re planning on deleting a team member, we recommend removing their login access first to give you time to review their future appointments.

Managing client contact visibility

Removing team member access to client contact info simplifies the view to display limited client details: first name, partial email, and mobile number. This restriction applies to appointments and the calendar. To restrict a team member's view of client details: 

  1. Head to Permissions under Business settings.
  2. Scroll down to Can see client contact info.
  3. Check the box under the relevant permission level to adjust visibility.
  4. Click Save changes.

NOTE: Team members without access to see client contact info cannot edit client profiles but can create new clients and search for clients by mobile and email.

Important Information

We do not recommend giving a team member or administrator access to the Business settings area unless necessary, as this can include sensitive information relating to your business and Fresha account.

We also strongly recommend that you do not share your account login details (email, password) with other team members. No employee at Fresha will ever ask you for your login information or password.

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