Fresha's Team Pay add-on

Save time with automatic compensation tracking and pay your team with Fresha's Team Pay add-on.

This guide covers:

What's included

Upgrade to Fresha’s Team Pay add-on for access to:

  • Commissions - Use powerful configurations to pay your team commissions on their sales.
  • Wages - Have Fresha calculate your team’s wages based on your settings.
  • Timesheets - Track your team's working hours and attendance with ease.
  • Pay runs - Calculate earnings, add adjustments and pay your team seamlessly.
  • Reports - Understand your team’s earnings and timesheets in detail with 9 new reports.

Fresha’s Team Pay add-on is available in selected countries - keep an eye on your notifications as we expand this across more locations.

Upgrading to Fresha’s Team Pay add-on

Fresha’s Team Pay add-on is available as an optional paid feature with a monthly subscription fee, based on the total number of active team members within your business. Follow these steps to sign up for Fresha’s Team Pay add-on:

  1. Head to Add-ons.
  2. Under Team Pay, click on View.
  3. From the sign-up page, click Continue.
  4. Enter and payment method and billing details.
  5. Review the total monthly cost and click Enable to activate the add-on.
  6. Once Fresha’s Team Pay add-ons is enabled, select Done. You'll also receive an email to confirm your sign-up.

TOP TIP: You can try out Fresha’s Team Pay add-on with our 14-day free trial to access game-changing features like timesheets and pay runs.

Canceling your Team Pay add-on subscription

  1. Head to Add-ons.
  2. Under Team Pay, click Manage.
  3. Click Options and select Disable add-on.
  4. Reconfirm your cancellation by clicking Disable now.


Q. How much does Fresha’s Team Pay add-on cost?

Fresha’s Team Pay add-on is available on a monthly subscription. Find the pricing for all of Fresha's paid features, including Fresha’s Team Pay add-on on our website.

Q. Where is Fresha’s Team Pay add-on available?

Fresha’s Team Pay add-on is currently only available in certain countries. You can check out the list of places that support this feature here.

Q. How is Fresha’s Team Pay add-on subscription calculated?

Fresha’s Team Pay add-on subscription fee is determined by the total count of active team members within your business account (excluding deleted and archived team members). When you onboard new team members, they will be included in the upcoming billing cycle.

Q. How do I cancel my Team Pay add-on subscription?

To cancel Fresha’s Team Pay add-on subscription or free trial, head to Add-ons, select Manage under Team Pay, select Options and Disable add-on. Reconfirm your cancellation by selecting Disable now. You can keep using the feature until the end of the current billing month when your subscription ends. You can follow the same steps to renew your subscription at any time.

Q: Are there any fees associated with paying my team using pay runs?

There are no fees for pay runs made between your business wallet and team member wallets using Team Pay. However, a processing fee will be applied for transactions made from a team member's wallet to a bank account.

Q: How will I know what date I'll be billed for the Team Pay add-on?

To find your billing date for the Team Pay add-on, go to Add-ons, and click Manage under Team Pay. You'll find information about your billing date under the Details.

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