Make balance adjustments to pay runs

Manually modify a team member's earnings within pay runs by making manual adjustments.

This guide covers:

Getting started

Balances within a pay period can be adjusted at any time before the pay period is closed. Learn more about how to get set up with pay runs.

Adjusting balances 

To manually increase or decrease a balance in pay runs: 

  1. Head to Pay runs under Team.
  2. Next to the team member you want to add an adjustment for, click Actions and select Add adjustment.
  3. Select the compensation type you want to adjust.
  4. Enter the amount you want to adjust the balance by. 
  5. Select whether you want to + Add or - Deduct the amount.
  6. To add extra information, select Add note. This will be visible to you and the team member in the Breakdown.
  7. Review your adjustment and click Apply to save.

TOP TIP: You can also make adjustments when actioning a pay run by selecting the compensation value highlighted in purple.

Deleting balance adjustments

Balance adjustments can only be deleted before the pay run has been completed. To delete an adjustment before it’s paid out: 

  1. Go to Pay runs under Team
  2. Select a team member or, click Actions and select View breakdown.
  3. Click on Adjustment and select Delete adjustment
  4. Select Delete to confirm.

NOTE: Compensation balances will also be updated automatically in situations where an appointment is canceled or edited. In cases where an appointment is refunded after a payout, the adjustment will be automatically added to the current pay run period. 


Q. Can I see who adjusted? 

Yes, tracking when and who created a compensation balance adjustment/deduction is available, just click on Adjustment highlighted on the team member’s pay run Breakdown.

Q. Can I set up different deductions for each team member?

Yes, different adjustments and deductions can be made to each compensation category for each team member.  

Q. Can I make adjustments after the pay run? 

No, once a pay run is complete it's not possible to make any changes to it.

Q. What happens when a change is made to one of the compensation categories after a pay period has already been marked as complete?

Once a pay period is marked as Paid, it cannot be changed as it has already been paid out. However, changes related to Commissions, Tips, and Deductions will be applied to the current open period instead.

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