Add forms to appointments and clients

Manually add forms to appointments and clients to collect important information, like consent or contact details. We'll show you how to add these and use the flexible completion options.

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Getting started

To easily add forms to a client's appointment or profile whenever you need, create and activate them first.  Any of the below form types can be manually added as long as they are active:

  • Automatic forms - These are attached to specific services and will be automatically sent to clients before their appointments 
  • Manual forms - These can be added to any appointment or client profile at any time you choose.

Manually adding forms

Add forms to an appointment

To add manual forms to an appointment at any time: 

  1. Head to your Calendar and select an appointment.
  2. Click on the three dots and select Add a form.
  3. Choose an existing form from your list or click Create new form.
  4. Fill in the form and select Options if you want to manage the completion or click Complete to save it.  

Add forms to a client profile

To add manual forms to a client's profile at any time: 

  1. Select a client from your Clients list.
  2. Click on Documents, then Client forms and select Add
  3. If you have multiple business locations select the one that the form applies to.
  4. Choose an existing form from your list or click Create new form.
  5. Fill in the form and select Options if you want to manage the completion or click Complete to save it.  


  • All forms will be automatically saved in the client's profile under Client forms.  
  • Once a form is completed, it can only be viewed and not edited. Check out the completed form details by selecting View form.

TOP TIP: Quickly capture client contact details or key information from walk-in appointments by using a manual form. You can then use this as a reference when creating their client profile.

Managing manually added forms

When adding a manual to an appointment or a client's profile, you can select Options to:


Save as draft - 


This lets you finish filling out the form later. Find it under the client profile or appointment, click Edit form and Complete when you're done. If you’re only making changes, you can save it as a draft again or send it to the client to fill out through Options.


Send to client - 

This sends the form to the client to complete. Once sent, you will only be able to Complete the form yourself or Send a reminder to the client.


Client mode -  For in-store completion, use Client mode. This hides your other forms and lets the client focus on just filling out the one you've selected. A client signature will be required when using client mode. Once they Complete it, you'll have the option to Print form or Continue with other tasks.


Q. Can I remove a manual form from an appointment? 

If the form is saved as a draft, you can delete this by selecting Edit form, Options and Delete. Once a form has been sent to a client or completed forms, it cannot be deleted or removed from an appointment or client profile however you can manually add an updated one.

Q. Can I manually add forms to any appointment? 

Yes, you can manually add forms to any appointments, including walk-ins.

Q. Can I edit a manual form? 

You can edit a manual form as long as it’s been saved as a draft. Forms cannot be edited once they have been sent to a client or completed. 

Q. Can I manually add any form? 

Yes, you can add a manual or automatic form (that was set up to be sent to clients before the appointment) with flexible options to manage how it’s completed.

Q. Where can my clients find the manual forms I send them? 

If your client has a Fresha account, they can find all requested forms under the Forms section of their profile.

Q. If I have already filled out part of the form, before sending it to the client, will the progress be saved for them? 

No, any details you have pre-filled on the form before sending it to a client will be removed and the client will need to fill out the full form themselves.

Q. Will my clients be able to see forms that are saved as a draft? 

No, forms that are saved as a draft are not visible to clients until you send or complete them.

Q. Can I add the same form to an appointment more than once

Yes, you can add any form to an appointment or client profile as many times as you like. This includes forms that have already been automatically sent to a client before the appointment. 

Q. Can I add a form at the same time I add the appointment? 

No, manual forms cannot be added at the same time an appointment is created. You need to Save the appointment before adding a form.


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