Deposits by time period report

Keep track of your deposit activity and learn the effective use of the Deposits by time period report.

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Deposits by time period report explained

The Deposits by time period report consolidates all deposit transactions, offering a comprehensive overview of deposit collections and redemptions over your selected date range.

You can use this report to: 

  • Track your cash flow - Deposits represent cash that you have already received. Tracking them through this report can help you understand your current cash flow position and plan accordingly.
  • Track refunds - If clients cancel or reschedule, you may need to refund the deposit. Tracking deposit balances ensures you're accountable for the funds and can honour any refunds that might be required.
  • Analysing your business' performance - Discover trends, understand customer behaviour, and make informed decisions about your deposit policy by monitoring deposit balances over time.

Using the Deposits by time period report

The data results within the Deposits by time period report can be grouped by periods and filtered by location for easy viewing.

Grouping options

Use the Group by drop-down menu to arrange your data into the following options for when the deposit activity took place:  

  • Day  
  • Week 
  • Month 
  • Quarter  
  • Year 

Date range

Select a date range using the calendar drop-down menu to view data within a specific time frame. The date range filter is based on the day the activity took place, and includes the start and end date of the selected date range.

Filter options

Utilize the filter drop-down menu to refine the data by:

  • Location - The business location where the deposit activity took place. 

NOTE: Deposits are tied to the specific location where the appointment, for which the deposit was made, took place happened.

Understanding the Deposits by time period data fields 

Depending on the filters and groupings applied, a selection of the below fields will become available for you to analyze and compare.

  • Opening balance - The value of deposits collected from earlier periods that are not redeemed or refunded yet.
  • Collections - The value of deposits collected during the selected period.
  • Redemptions - The value of deposits redeemed during the selected period.
  • Refunds - The value of deposits refunded during the selected period.
  • Closing balance - The value of deposits that is yet to be redeemed or refunded at the end of the selected period.


  • You can find a summary view per deposit within the Deposit list report.
  • For a detailed view per deposit activity, you can use the Liability activity report.

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