Pass fees on to my team members

Pass on fees associated with your account activity to your team members by automatically deducting their share from earnings using pay runs.

This guide covers:

Getting started

To enable fee deductions within pay runs, you'll need to upgrade to Fresha's Team Pay add-on.

Setting up automatic fee deductions

Fees can be automatically deducted from a team member's earnings before payment is made through pay runs. To enable automatic fee deductions for a team member: 

  1. Head to Team members under Team.
  2. Select a team member to open their profile and click Actions and Edit.
  3. Select Pay runs and activate the setting using the toggle if it's not already enabled.
  4. Under Pay run deductions, select whether you would like to apply any deductions within pay runs for this team member:


    Payment processing fees - Choose to pass payment processing fees on to your team members. Fees will be assigned based on which team members performed services and how they checked out the sale.

    New client fees - Choose to pass new client fees on to your team members. You can choose to share the new client fee by specifying a percentage of the fee that will be deducted from the team member's earnings.

  5. Click Save to confirm.

NOTE: Fees for appointments with multiple team members will be split between the team members based on the value of the service they performed.



Q. How are fees divided for appointments involving multiple team members?

Fees for appointments with multiple team members are divided based on the value of the services each team member provides. For example, in a $100 appointment where Team Member A performed a $60 service, and Team Member B performed a $40 service, Team Member A will receive 60% of the fee, and Team Member B will receive 40% of the fee.

Q. What happens to fees on deposit payments?

When a client pays a deposit for a future appointment that includes a payment processing fee, the fee will only be deducted once the appointment has been completed. This ensures that the team members receive their commissions, tips, and deductions all at once after the appointment is complete.

Q. Will my team members receive an invoice for the fees I pass on to them? 

No, a separate invoice will not be generated for any fees passed on to a team member. The fee is still charged to your business but will be automatically deducted from the team member's pay run.

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