Add and manage client allergies

Record client allergies in their profiles as an enhanced safety measure, keeping team members informed when providing products and services. Learn how to add allergy information to client profiles.

This guide covers:

Getting started

Before being able to add additional information, such as client allergies:

  • Request allergy information from the client, including the severity. You can do this via a form.
  • Create the client's profile, if it doesn’t already exist in your clients list.

Adding client allergies 

Allergies will appear on the client’s card within their profile and appointments. To add allergies: 

  1. Open your Clients list and select a client.
  2. In the client profile select Documets, then Allergies.
  3. Click Add and fill out the pop-up window with the following details:

    Allergy type -
    Choose from Drug allergy, Non-drug allergy or No known allergy.

    Name - Specify the name of the allergy. 

    Reaction - Select the reaction caused by the allergy from the dropdown menu.

    Severity - Choose the allergy's severity level from Fatal, Severe, Moderate and Mild. If the severity is unknown, you can leave this field empty. 

    Note - Include any relevant information that could be important for service provision.
  4. Click Save to update the information. The allergy will now show on the client’s profile and appointments. 

NOTE: Clicking on the allergy from the client profile allows you to Delete or Update the allergy information at any time. We recommend regularly reviewing this information to ensure it remains current and accurate.

TOP TIP: Allergies can also be added through Quick actions. Just open a client's profile from your Clients list, click Actions and choose Add allergy.  


Q. Can I add multiple allergies for a client?

Yes, you can add multiple allergies to a client’s profile. These will be listed under the contact details on the client’s profile. 

 Q. Can I see the client’s allergies when scheduling appointments? 

Yes, when creating an appointment and selecting a client in your calendar, their contact card will appear, displaying any allergy information. This information will remain visible on the appointment view for you and your team members. 

Q. Is it possible to show that my client has no allergies? 

To note that a client has No known allergies, select the client from your Clients list, go to Overview, and click Add. Select Allergy, and choose the type as No known allergies. Add a Description if needed, and click Save.

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