Add client notes and upload files

Add essential notes and files to a client's profile to keep track of important information. 

This guide covers: 

Getting started

To add notes and files to a client’s profile, ensure you have Client access permissions.

Adding client notes

Two types of notes can be added to client profiles; Staff alerts and Client notes.

Add staff alerts for clients

Staff alerts can help you easily identify key information about a client. These will be highlighted on the client's contact card in their profile and appointments. To add a staff alert:

  1. Open your Clients list and select a client.
  2. In the client profile, click Actions
  3. Select Add staff alert from the dropdown menu.
  4. Fill out the pop-up window with the staff alert note. 
  5. Click Save to add the information. This staff alert will now show on the client’s profile and appointments. 


  • Only one staff alert can be added to a client’s profile.
  • Clicking on the Staff alert from the client profile allows you to Delete or Update the information at any time. 

TOP TIP: You can export Staff alerts for all clients by heading to Clients, then Options, and selecting Export as Excel / CSV.

Add client notes 

Client notes usually include important information that will apply to most of their appointments. To add client notes: 

  1. Open your Clients list and select a client.
  2. In the client profile, click Documents and select Notes.
  3. Select Add and fill out the pop-up window with the full note details.
  4. To attach a file to your note, click Upload a file
  5. Select and upload a file from your device.
  6. Click Add note to save.


  • You can upload multiple attachments to a note.
  • To Edit or Delete a note, open a client's profile from your Clients list, click Documents then Notes. On the note, click on the Actions and select either Edit or Delete.   

Managing client files

All files uploaded through your client’s notes can be found and managed under documents. To manage a client’s files:  

  1. Open your Clients list and select a client.
  2. In the client profile, click Documents and select Files.
  3. Use the search bar to locate a file or use the toggle to adjust your view between list or grid
  4. Manage each file by clicking the three dots to:
    Preview file - View the file and note with the options to Download, Edit or Delete.

    Delete - Remove the file and note from the client's profile. Once deleted, you cannot restore the file. 


Q. What file types can I upload to a client's profile?

Fresha supports common file types like CSV, PDF, XLS, XLSX, JPG, PNG, and JPEG. 

Q. Can I delete documents after I have uploaded them?

Yes, you can easily delete documents by opening the client’s profile, selecting Documents, then Files. Click on the three dots next to the file, select Delete and reconfirm your choice. Files cannot be restored once deleted.

Q. Who can view the client notes and documents uploaded to a client’s profile?

Visibility of client details is controlled under your permission settings. Team members with Client access permissions can view and edit this information.

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