Import your existing client list

Importing your client list into Fresha allows for a smooth transition and is a crucial first step in setting up your business to help manage appointments more effectively. Learn how to upload and import your existing clients into your workspace. 

This guide covers:

Getting started

Importing clients ensures that no matter where they book through, they will be recognised as your existing clients. Before importing your clients:

  • Have all client information to hand, including their contact details. 
  • Ensure you have your client list ready in a CSV format.
  • If you don’t have a client list file, download our template to fill out with your client information.

Client file requirements

Make sure you have your existing client data formatted according to the requirements outlined below before importing your client list.

Importable fields and requirements

Prepare your client list by including the following fields for each client: 

  • First name (mandatory)
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Mobile phone
  • Gender
  • Client notes (essential client info that will show as a staff alert for your team)
  • Birthday

NOTE: The first name is required for every client. We recommend including either an email address or mobile phone number so your clients can receive appointment updates.

TOP TIP: There is no importable field for the client’s address however, you can include these in the Client notes field or add it to individual client profiles as needed after the import

Formatting guidelines

You’ll need to use the following format when entering the date on your existing client file: 

  • For most regions use: DD-MM-YYYY 
  • If you're in the United States, Panama, or the Philippines, use: MM-DD-YYYY

You can use the following dividers between the day, month and year: 


 (For example, 01:03:2002)


/   (For example, 01/03/2002)


\   (For example, 01\03\2002)


-   (For example, 01-03-2002)


.   (For example, 01.03.2002)


Handling duplicates

The system checks and flags identical email addresses or phone numbers as duplicates. Names alone are not considered duplicates as clients may share the same name.

  • Entries with the same email address or phone number are marked as duplicates. 

See examples of duplicates below:

Name Email Address  Telephone Number
 John Smith   johnsmith@example.com

 +44 113 496 0000

 Jonny Smith  johnsmith@example.com  NA


Name Email Address  Telephone Number
 John Smith   johnsmith@example.com  NA
 Jonny Smith  johnsmith@example.com  NA


Name Email Address  Telephone Number
 John Smith   johnsmith@example.com  +44 113 496 0000
 Jonny Smith  NA  +44 113 496 0000


  • Names are not used to identify duplicates. Two entries with the same name but different contact information are considered non-duplicates. 

See the example of non-duplicates below:

Name Email Address  Telephone Number
 John Smith   NA  +44 113 496 0000
 John Smith   johnsmith@example.com  NA


Importing your client list

To import your existing clients to Fresha: 

  1. Head to your Clients list under Clients.
  2. Click on Options and choose Import clients.
  3. Upload your existing client list by clicking Upload CSV file or drag and drop the file into the purple box.
  4. If you need a template, click Download template, fill it out with your client information, and then upload it as described in the previous step.
  5. Once uploaded, the system will match your file's column headers with its own. 
  6. Make any adjustments using the drop-down boxes, then click Next step.
  7. Review the client list preview and correct any errors to ensure the data is imported correctly.
  8. If necessary, return to the Previous step to Delete and re-upload a corrected file.
  9. Confirm your list by clicking Start import
  10. An Import successful notification will appear once complete.
  11. Click Done to return to your Clients list.


  • Ensure your file follows Fresha's import requirements to prevent upload failures.
  • The import process may continue in the background if you close the tab before completion.

TOP TIP: Importing your clients will prevent you from being charged a Marketplace new Client fee for your existing clients when they book online through Fresha.


Q. Can any Team member import clients?
Team members will need access to the Client section of Fresha to import clients. You can manage their permissions through your Business settings.

Q. What should I do if there is an error while uploading my client list file?
If the upload fails, check your completed file matches the Fresha template and try again. Any errors will be highlighted, allowing you to download these as a CSV. Once these errors have been fixed, you can try to import the file again.

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