Merge client profiles

Clean up your client list by combining duplicate profiles, including their names, contact details, appointment history, and notes into one unified record.

This guide covers: 

Getting started

Before merging clients, you’ll need to understand that potential duplicates are identified based on contact information. These profiles can be merged manually, in bulk, or automatically by the system, consolidating all relevant client data into a single profile.

Things to know before merging

  • Fresha automatically identifies duplicate client profiles based on their contact details (email address or mobile phone number).
  • Clients can create multiple profiles using the same mobile number but different email addresses.
  • Duplicate client profiles can be merged manually, in bulk, or automatically by the system.
  • Merging client profiles combines appointments, sales, and profile information into a single client profile.
  • When adding a new client profile in-store, the system displays a banner at the top of the screen to alert you about existing clients with the same contact information, preventing duplicate creation.
  • If duplicate client profiles are created in-store with identical contact details, the system merges them once the client makes a booking online using the same contact information.
  • You can merge one or more duplicate client profiles created in-store or merge them with a profile created online. 
  • Merging online client profiles is not possible.
  • Anyone with access to the client page can merge client profiles on your Fresha account, so review team permissions accordingly (we suggest enabling this feature for Managers only).

Manually merging duplicate client profiles

To merge client profiles manually:

  1. Open your Clients list and select the client you want to merge. 
  2. In the client profile, select Actions, then Merge profiles.
  3. Clients that appear to be duplicates will be displayed as suggestions. 
  4. Mark the checkbox next to the clients you want to merge.
  5. If a client is not listed, click Add another client to merge to add them manually.   
  6. Click Merge selected.
  7. Use the drop-down menu to select the correct name of the client and click Merge & save.

Merging duplicate client profiles in bulk

To merge multiple clients in bulk:

  1. Open your Clients list.
  2. If duplicate clients are detected, a banner will prompt you to Review and merge your client list. Or, you can click Options and select Merge clients.
  3. Choose Review & Merge.
  4. Mark the checkbox next to the clients you want to merge.
  5. Click Merge selected.
  6. Mark the checkbox next to the warning to acknowledge that merging cannot be undone. 
  7. Select Confirm & merge.

Auto-merging clients

Automatic merging occurs when identical contact details are used for different in-store client profiles, and one of the clients makes an online booking with the same details. This feature ensures a streamlined and duplicate-free client management system.

NOTE: Clients should not share the same contact details. To avoid unintended auto-merging, encourage clients to provide unique contact details.


Q. What happens to appointment history after merging client profiles?

All client data, including appointments and sales, is consolidated into the single remaining profile, ensuring no loss of information.

Q. Can I undo a merge if I make a mistake?

Once profiles are merged, the action cannot be undone. It's important to review the details carefully before confirming the merge.

Q. How do I handle client profiles created online?

Online client profiles cannot be merged but can be merged with profiles created in-store if they are duplicates.

Q. What criteria does Fresha use to identify duplicate profiles?

Fresha looks at email addresses and mobile phone numbers to identify potential duplicates.

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