Create appointments in your calendar

Start filling up your calendar by scheduling appointments with full visibility and ease. 

This guide covers:

Getting started

Before you begin scheduling appointments, ensure you have set up your team's scheduled shifts to effectively manage your availability and appointments. 

Adding an appointment

Appointments hold key details about the client and the services scheduled.

Create a new appointment

There are two ways you can add an appointment to your calendar. 

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Add a new appointment by either:

    - Clicking on a free timeslot and selecting Add appointment.

    - Clicking on Add in the top right corner, select Appointment, and choose a free timeslot.

Add a client to the appointment

Choose to add a client to the appointment or leave the client card empty for walk-in appointments. To add a client: 

  1. Click Add client within the appointment view. 
  2. Add a client using the below options:
    - Existing client: Use the search bar to find an existing client or select one from the list of recently added. 

    - New client: Select Add new client, create a new client, and click Save to return to the appointment view. 

    - Walk-in: You can leave the client card empty or select Walk-in

NOTE: Once added to an appointment, the client’s details appear on their client card, where you can view and manage their information and profile details.

TOP TIP: When searching for a client, you can look up the client’s name, email address, or mobile number in the search bar.

Add services to the appointment

Multiple services can be added to a client’s appointment. To add a service to an appointment: 

  1. Under Select a service in the appointment view, use the search bar to find a service or select one from the list of available services. 
  2. To add more services, click Add Service and repeat the above step. 
  3. Click Save to save the appointment or continue to edit your service.

NOTE: To edit a service, hover over the service and click on the Pencil icon. To remove a service from an appointment, hover over the service and click on the Bin icon

TOP TIP: When adding a service, a list of the client’s recently booked services will show to make re-booking their regular appointments easier. 

Edit services within the appointment

Services within an appointment can be customized. To edit a service within an appointment: 

  1. Open the appointment and click on the service you want to edit.
  2. Update the Service, Price, Discount, Start time, Duration, Team member and Extra time where needed.
  3. Click Apply to save the changes.

Add an appointment note

Specific appointment notes can be added at any time, including when creating an appointment. To add an appointment note: 

  1. Open the appointment you want to add a note for.
  2. From the appointment view, click on the three dots and select Add a note.
  3. Enter any special instructions or details about the appointment and click Save.


  • Only one note can be added to an appointment.
  • Appointment notes are highlighted in the appointment view and are only visible to you and your team; clients cannot access this information.

Manage upfront payments

If the client is required to pay upfront or provide card details for the appointment, this will be shown along with its status on the appointment view. To manage the upfront payment settings:

- Confirm with card: If the client’s card details are required to confirm the appointment, you can click on the three dots to Send a reminder to confirm.

- Upfront payment:  If the client is required to make an upfront payment to confirm the appointment, you can click on the three dots to Edit, Send a reminder or Remove the requirement. 


NOTE: If the client is not required to pay upfront or provide card details, you can still request card confirmation or upfront payment by clicking on three dots from the appointment view. 


Q. Can I add multiple appointments to a service? 

After adding a service, click on Add another service and repeat the process for each additional service you wish to include.

Q. Can I remove a client from an appointment?

Yes, from the client card attached to the appointment, click Actions and select Remove client.

Q. Is it possible to set up recurring appointments?

When creating a new appointment, it will be set to ‘Doesn’t repeat’ by default. To create a recurring appointment, select Doesn’t repeat, set a frequency and Apply changes. Learn more about creating recurring appointments.

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