Simplified appointment management

We’re redesigning the appointment management experience so you never miss a beat.

This guide covers: 

Creating new appointments

Creating appointments is still super simple and can be done via your calendar or directly from a client’s profile.

To add a new appointment from your calendar:  

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Add a new appointment by either:

Clicking on a free timeslot and selecting Add appointment.

Clicking on Add in the top right corner, select Appointment, and choose a free timeslot.

  1. Continue to add a client and a service.
  2. Click Save to add the appointment. 

Learn more about creating appointments.

NOTE: Important client information can be added as a Staff alert that will remain visible on the client's card for team members to see. Additional appointment notes can still be added to the appointment.

Finding your way around an appointment

We’ve revamped the appointment view to make key information easily accessible. Within an appointment, you’ll find:

The client card - Displays the client’s details, including contact information, allergies, and staff alerts. You can also view or edit the client's profile from here.


Appointment date - Displayed at the top of the appointment and can be easily changed by clicking on the date.


Appointment start time - Displayed below the appointment date and can be easily changed by clicking on the time.


Recurring status - Displayed below the appointment date and indicates if the appointment repeats as part of a recurring appointment series or Doesn’t repeat as a one-time occurrence. Click on the status to edit. 


Services - A list of all the services included within the appointment, each including the time, team member, and price. Click on the service to edit or choose to add more by clicking on Add service


Notes - Special instructions or additional details about the appointment. 


Forms - Any forms associated with the appointment. Choose to View, Complete or Send reminder to the client. 


Upfront payments or Confirm with card - Upfront payment or card confirmation policy that you have enabled for the service and client to help protect against no-shows and late cancellations. 


Appointment status - Status of an appointment. Click to change the status to Booked, Confirmed, Arrived, Started, No-show or Cancel


Exploring appointment quick actions

Manage appointments with ease by using the quick actions available in one easy-to-reach place:  

  1. Open your Calendar and select an appointment.
  2. Click on the three dots underneath the Appointment total.
  3. Choose from the following actions:

Add/edit a note - Add or update a specific note about the appointment. 


Add a form - Manually add a form to an appointment. 


View appointment activity - View a full history of actions taken on the appointment from the time it was created. 


Set as repeating - Create a series of recurring appointments.


Request upfront payment or Request card confirmation - Request an upfront payment or card details to confirm the appointment.


Reschedule - Change the appointment date and time. 


No show - Mark the appointment as a no-show.


Cancel - Cancel the appointment.

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