Speedy checkout with an upgraded point of sale (POS)

We're enhancing Fresha's point of sale experience with reduced steps to increase the speed of checkout and sales management.

This guide covers:  

What's new 

Find the following new features alongside a sleek design:

  • New intuitive design - Fresha’s point of sale is now seamlessly integrated within key areas of your account with an easy-to-use design.
  • Checkout faster from the appointment view - When you don’t need to change the cart items, you can now checkout same-day appointments and simultaneously take payment directly from the client’s appointment view. Learn more.
  • Enhanced item search - Easily locate sale items to add to your cart using the new search bar, which now searches across all categories (services, products, memberships, gift cards).
  • A quicker checkout flow - When checking out an appointment, reach the payment step directly, skipping the Add to cart and Tips steps.  You can re-enable the Tips step from your Business settings.
  • Reassign team members and tips after checkout - After completing a sale, you can now adjust the distribution of tips and reassign the sale item to different team members. Learn more.

Create a new sale

You can create a new sale directly from the calendar.

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Click Add and select Sale
  3. From the client card, click Add client to add a new client or select an existing one. You can leave the client card empty for walk-ins. 
  4. In the checkout view, add items to your cart. Filter items by category or use the search bar.
  5. Edit items within your cart if needed, by clicking on the item and applying changes.
  6. Select Continue to payment and Add a tip if this setting is enabled.
  7. Choose a payment method and collect the payment. 
  8. Click Pay now to checkout. 
  9. The Sales details view will update and the transaction will be marked as completed.

NOTE: Tips are disabled by default. To enable tips, go to Business settings.

TOP TIP: You can also create new sales from your Sales and Client profiles.

Checkout an existing appointment

Checkout same-day appointments

You can checkout same-day appointments directly from your appointment view. 

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Select an appointment to open the appointment view.
  3. Click Pay now to proceed with the pre-selected payment method.

  Learn more about checking out same-day appointments.

Checkout from the appointment view

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Select an appointment to open the appointment view.
  3. Click Checkout to select a different payment method. The Checkout option will always be visible.
  4. If you want to add more items to your cart, click Add to cart to view sale items. Filter categories and use the search bar to find items. 
  5. When your cart is ready, click Continue to payment and choose a payment method. If the client has a card saved on file, this will be automatically pre-selected. 
  6. To add a tip, click the three dots and select Add tip. Alternatively, enable tip settings to show the Tip selection step for every checkout
  7. Click Pay now to process the payment.
  8. The Sales details view will update and the transaction will be marked as completed.

Finding your way around checkout

Fresha’s redesigned point of sale speeds up the checkout process with easy access to:

Client card - Displays client contact details at the top of the cart. You can view the client's profile, change the client, or remove them from checkout.

Cart - For new sales, start by adding items using the search bar or categories. When checking out an appointment, use the Add to cart option to access this view from the Payment step.

Item list - View a clear list of items in your cart with key details and prices. Each item can be edited when clicked on.

Cart total - View the cost breakdown and total.

Tips - Apply tips during your checkout, if enabled. If disabled, you will be able to add them using Quick actions by clicking on the three dots.

Payment methods - Choose from the client’s preferred payment methods (payment card or gift card) and the standard payment options (cash, terminal, self checkout, and more).

Quick actions - Access additional actions like adding tips, notes, service charges, or saving the sale as unpaid or cancelled by clicking on the three dots.

Pay now button - Complete the checkout process after selecting a payment method.

Exploring checkout quick actions

You can find actions in one easy-to-reach place when checking out a sale. To use actions during checkout:

  1. Create a sale or checkout an appointment. 
  2. From the cart, click on the three dots.
  3. Choose from the following available actions:
Add tip - If enabled, enter a tip amount or percentage and click Add tip to apply.

Add sale note - Add a sales note which is added to the sales receipt.

Add service charge - Select a service charge to add to the cart.

Save unpaid - Save the sale as unpaid to take payment at a later time. Any tips will be removed when saving a sale as unpaid.

Cancel sale - Exit and cancel the sale without saving. 

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