Enriched client profiles

We're stepping up client management with an improved experience and new features.

This guide covers: 

Accessing the client’s profile

Client profiles are still kept under your Clients list for easy access and filing.

To access your client’s profile: 

  1. Open your Clients list.
  2. Search or select the client you want to view.
  3. The client’s profile will appear on the right-hand side.  
  4. Here you can view, add, and manage all of your client's information as well as book an appointment and make sales.


  • Important client information is now displayed on the client card as a Staff alert, along with their birthday, pronouns, and other contact information. 
  • The client’s name and contact details will appear in the client profile. You can click on the email address to send the client an email or click on the telephone number to call the client / send them a text message.

Reviewing your client’s overview

Find a quick summary of the client’s interaction with your business from their overview, this includes:

Wallet balance - Total value of client gift cards and upfront payments.

Total sales - Total sales value from the client. 

Appointments - Total number of appointments for the client.

Rating - Average rating from all reviews by the client.

Cancelled - Total number of cancelled appointments for the client.

No-show - Total number of no-show appointments for the client.

Finding your way around the client profile

Find all of the client’s information securely stored under their client profile. Here you’ll see a 

detailed breakdown for every client saved to your client database:

Appointments - View all of your client’s appointments in one place using filters to help your search. Manage each appointment with the options to Checkout, View sale, or Rebook.

Sales - View all sales made to the client, including the status. Click on the sale card to view an invoice breakdown.

Client details - The client’s details are displayed here for easy access and management.

Items - Here you can find any Products, Memberships, or Services the client has purchased, like appointment bundles.
  • Products - Every product the client has purchased with the option to Sell or View sale
  • Memberships -Every membership the client has purchased with the status. Choose to Pause, Resume, Renew or view Details
  • Services - Every service the client has booked with the date, time, team member and price. Choose to View sale to manage the details.

Documents - You’ll find all of the client’s Notes, Allergies, Files and Client forms stored within the Documents section of their profile. 
  • Notes - Log information about the client using notes and staff alerts.
  • Allergies - Keep a record of client allergies. These will appear under the client's contact card within their profile and appointments.
  • Files - Access and manage all files uploaded through your client’s notes. 
  • Client forms - Add and manage your client’s forms from one centralised place.

Wallet - Check the client’s available balance accumulated by valid Gift cards and Upfront payments that have been collected.

Reviews - Find any reviews the client has left you.

Exploring client profile quick actions

  1. Open your Clients list and select a client.
  2. In the client profile, click Actions.
  3. Choose from the following available actions:
Sell - Make a sale directly through the client profile.

Add/Edit staff alert - A staff alert can be added for key information about a client. These will be highlighted on the client's contact card.

Add simple note - Quickly add information about the client and files. These will appear under the client's Notes and Files.

Add allergy - Add client allergy information to their profiles. These will be highlighted on the client's contact card.

Edit client details - Access the client’s information and make quick edits where needed.

Merge profiles - If you have saved the same client multiple times in your client list, eliminate duplicates by merging profiles.

Block/Unblock client - Prevent clients from booking online and inform your team members why this client is blocked.

Delete client - Permanently delete a client if they no longer book with you or if they request to be removed from your client list.


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