Google Rating Boost

Boost your Google ranking by encouraging clients who share good reviews on Fresha to do the same on your Google profile. 

This guide covers:

How Google Rating Boost works

Google Rating Boost is an optional paid feature that prompts clients to leave positive Google reviews for your business after doing so on Fresha. With this add-on, you can choose to only ask clients who rate their experience highly to post reviews to your Google Business Profile, so you can increase your Google rating and therefore footfall.

How does it appear for clients?

After finishing their appointment, we'll send clients a message requesting them to rate and review their service through Fresha and, if enabled, leave a tip. With Google Rating Boost activated, clients providing positive feedback will then be prompted to leave a Google review seamlessly within the same process.

NOTE: To ask clients for a Fresha review after their appointment checkout, make sure the "Thank you for visiting" Automated message is enabled. You can choose to deliver these messages via email or text.

Upgrading to Fresha’s Google Rating Boost add-on

Fresha’s Google Rating Boost add-on is available as an optional paid feature with a monthly subscription fee, based on the total number of active locations within your business. 

Set up your Google Business Profile 

You must have an active Google Business Profile for each location on Fresha. 

  1. Start by creating Google Business Profiles, if you don’t already have these. Learn more here.
  2. Confirm that the name and address of each location on Fresha match those on your Google Business Profiles.

Sign up and activate Google Rating Boost

To sign up to Google Rating Boost:

  1. Open Add-ons.
  2. Under Google Rating Boost, click on View.
  3. From the sign-up page, click Continue.
  4. Enter a payment method and billing details.
  5. Review the total monthly cost and click Enable to activate the add-on. 
  6. Preview your Google review links, checking that each location correctly matches the Google Business Profile.
  7. Click Continue and select a minimum review trigger to determine which clients receive the Google rating prompt.
  8. Click Done to complete the set up. You'll receive an email to confirm your sign-up.

NOTE: You can adjust your review trigger level anytime by going to Add-ons, selecting Manage under Google Rating Boost, and then clicking View settings to make changes.

TOP TIP: We’ll automatically match your location to your Google Business Profile using your business name and address. It’s important to double-check the Google review links to make sure clients are sent to the correct place to leave a Google rating and review. 

Canceling your Google Rating Boost subscription

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. Once canceled, you can keep using the feature until the end of the current billing month when your subscription ends. 

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Open Add-ons.
  2. Under Google Rating Boost, click Manage.
  3. Click Options and select Disable add-on.
  4. Reconfirm your cancellation by clicking Disable now.


Q. How much does Google Rating Boost cost?
Google Rating Boost is available as an option paid add-on with a monthly subscription. You can find the pricing for all of Fresha’s paid add-ons, including Google Rating Boost on our pricing page.

Q. How is the Google Rating Boost monthly subscription amount calculated?
The Google Rating Boost monthly subscription fee is determined by the total count of locations within your business account (excluding deleted and archived locations). When you add new locations, they will be included in the next billing cycle.

Q. Can I choose who receives the prompt to leave a Google review about my business?
Yes, you can determine who gets to the review prompt based on the star rating that they leave when rating you through Fresha. For example, 4 stars and above, 3 stars and above etc. You can manage this in your add-on settings

Q. How often do clients see the prompt to leave a Google review?
Clients will receive the prompt once per location every 12 months after meeting specific criteria, determined by the star rating they provide.

Q. Can I import Google reviews I already have onto my Fresha profile?
Currently, Google Rating Boost does not support importing existing reviews. This add-on focuses on generating more reviews for your Google profile. 

Q. Do I need to add my Google review link when activating Google Rating Boost?
No, we’ll automatically retrieve your Google review link using your business name and address. If your link does not show, there will be an option to add this manually. Click Add next to the location, enter your business name in the search bar and select the correct address. Select Preview to review the link and Save. You’ll also have the option to Edit the review link. 

Q. How do I track the reviews generated by the Google Rating Boost?
Google review stats can be found directly on your Google Business profile, where you should find an increase compared to previous months. While we can track if a client has viewed or clicked on the Google Rating Boost prompt, we're unable to retrieve the reviews for reporting due to Google's current restrictions.

Q. If I unsubscribe from the Google Rating Boost add-on, will the Google reviews it generated be removed?
No, the Google Rating Boost add-on prompts clients to leave an extra review on your Google Business Profile after submitting one on Fresha. If you decide to unsubscribe from Google Rating Boost, the Google reviews already posted will stay on your Google business profile.

Q. Will the Google Rating Boost apply to past reviews once activated?
Google Rating Boost will only apply to the reviews you receive after it's enabled. Clients who have left a review before Google Rating Boost was enabled will not receive a prompt to leave a Google review. 

Q. How long will it take for my Google business reviews to show up?
When a client leaves a Google review, Google will check to make sure it follows their guidelines and policies. Once verified, reviews are usually published right away, but in some cases, it can take 2-3 days or more. 

Q: What are the requirements for clients to leave a review on Google through the prompt?

Clients can leave a Fresha review and be prompted to leave a Google review with Google Rating Boost, as long as

  • Client notification messages are enabled.
  • It has been less than 24 hours since the appointment time.
  • The appointment is not scheduled for the future (it must be above the red line in the calendar or anytime in the past).

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