Set up and manage cash advances for pay runs 

Streamline cash management with Team Pay. Learn how to enable cash advances for team members to seamlessly track and calculate cash payments collected from clients as advances.

This guide covers: 

Getting started 

When a client pays in cash, team members may keep the payment as an advance for the sales they complete. With cash advances, these payments can be automatically tracked and calculated within their pay runs. To use cash advances, start by following these steps:

Enabling cash advances

When cash advances are enabled, any cash payments collected in full by the team member will be automatically recorded in their pay runs. To enable cash advances for a team member: 

  1. Open Team and select an existing team member to open their profile or create a new one.
  2. From the team member profile, select Actions and Edit
  3. Click on Pay runs and check the box under Cash advances to record full cash payments received by the team member as an advance for 'paid' sales within the pay run.
  4. Click Save to update.

NOTE: By default, cash advance settings will be disabled and can be enabled for individual team members as needed.

Checking out a sale with cash payment

  1. Open Sales and Add a new sale or checkout an existing appointment from your Calendar.
  2. Adjust the cart items if needed and select Continue to payment.
  3. Select payment as Cash and enter the collected amount.
  4. The team member collecting the cash will be shown under “Cash received by”. If required, click on their name to reassign the payment collection.
  5. Click Add and Pay now.

NOTE: You can take multiple cash payments within one sale and assign them to the relevant team members which will reflect on their pay run.

TOP TIP: You can easily reassign cash payments for a completed sale by accessing the Sales details, then selecting Actions and Edit sales details. From there, adjust the team member assigned to the Payment collected and Save.

Reviewing cash advances in pay runs

To check the team member's pay run to see cash advance details:

  1. Open Team and select Pay runs.
  2. Click on the team member’s pay run to view a breakdown:
    - Earnings: Total earned from sales.
    - Paid: Total cash collected for paid sales as an advance, with a daily record of cash collected during the pay period.
    - To pay: Any outstanding amounts accumulated through cash advances that the team member needs to settle manually.

Completing pay runs with outstanding cash advances

  1. Open Team and select Pay runs.
  2. Click Pay team and select the compensation types you want to pay out. 
  3. Select the team member and review the pay run.
  4. Any outstanding balance for the team member to pay will be displayed under Requested manually.
  5. Update the status to Approve and click Complete. The team member will receive an email asking them to settle the outstanding balance offline.

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