Review automated message performance

Track the performance of your automated messages to understand how well they're doing. Discover how to understand essential insights into managing and optimizing your messages.

This guide covers: 

Getting started 

To review an overview of how well your automated messages are doing, you'll first need to: 

  • Enable the messaging automation so that metrics can be collected. 
  • If you're a team member, you'll need to request Marketing and Messages permission to get an access.

Accessing messaging overviews

After setting up and sending out your automated messages, you can track their performance on the overview page.

To view how well your messages are performing: 

  1. Open Marketing and select Automations
  2. Select the message you want to review.
  3. At the top of the page, use the following filters to view:


    - Performance:
    Check the effectiveness of your message in generating appointments and engaging clients.

    - Preview:
    See exactly what your message looks like as an email or text message.
    - Details:
    Access important information about your message, including what triggers it, which channels it uses, and its creation and last updated dates. Here you can select Options to edit these details as needed.

Understanding performance metrics

You can monitor the effectiveness of each message using straightforward sales and engagement metrics. Choose the time period you want to review by using the date range filter at the top of the performance page.

Reading sales metrics  

The following sales metrics will be available for messages with booking links and special offers that help increase bookings or celebrate milestones.

  • Total appointments:
    This shows the number of appointments made and the total revenue generated through this message. It helps you understand the message's impact on filling slots and boosting business performance.

  • Total sales:
    This shows the total revenue from completed sales directly linked to the message, helping you gauge the return on your investment.

TOP TIP: To see a combined summary of revenues from different sources, check the Sales summary report. Here you can filter the channel by 'Marketing - Automations'.

Reading engagement metrics  

The following engagement metrics are available for all messages. These help you see how your clients interact with your messages.

  • Sent:
    This tracks the total number of clients the message was sent to across all channels.

  • Delivered:
    This counts the clients who successfully received the message across all channels. It excludes messages that bounced back due to various reasons (e.g. incorrect contact details).

  • Opened:
    This measures how many clients opened the messages sent across all channels. 

  • Clicked:
    This reflects the number of clients who clicked on links within the messages across all channels.

Each engagement metric also shows the rate compared to the total number of sent messages, which helps you identify specific points where engagement might be dropping off. For example, you can compare the number of Delivered messages to the number of Sent messages to see where you might be losing engagement.



Q. How far in the past can I view the metrics of my automated messages?
You can view the metrics of your automated message for up to 1 year in the past.

Q. How often are the automated messages metrics updated?
The metrics are updated every few hours, but we recommend waiting for a full day.

Q. Why can I preview only email?
The preview is displayed only for the channels you have enabled for an automation. If you selected email as the sole channel for this automation, only the email preview will be shown.

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