Browsers Supported By Fresha

Fresha uses the latest technology to bring you a best-in-class experience, so you should too.

Ensure you are running the latest Web Browser and Operating System to make the most out of Fresha, for the smoothest experience and latest security protection. 
Internet connection speeds depend on several variables: your location, your service provider, and your connected equipment. 
Here is a list of devices and browsers supported by Fresha:

iPad and iPhone

Android mobiles and tablets

Apple Computers

  • We recommend the latest version of Chrome on the latest macOS
  • Latest version of Safari also supported on the latest macOS 

Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 Computers

  • Latest version of Chrome (recommended)
  • Latest version of Edge 
  • Latest version of Firefox 

Not supported:

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7 - We recommend you update to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Chrome has stopped supporting these operating systems but Firefox still does, for now. For more information on when Firefox will stop supporting these systems, click here
Our recommendation is to download our the iOS or Android app from their markets for smoother operations. 

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