Reschedule an Appointment

Adjusting the duration of an appointment or moving an appointment to a different time is simple. Fresha has a built-in drag-and-drop system to make this activity as quickly as possible.

How to reschedule an appointment

Fresha allows you to reschedule an appointment quickly. This article will cover how to:

  1. Reschedule an Appointment
  2. Adjust an Appointment's Length

1. Reschedule an Appointment

Once an appointment has been created on the calendar, it can be rescheduled in several ways. The fastest way is with the Drag and Drop Feature. Simply click and hold an appointment, and drag your booking to the new desired time. Other than using Drag and Drop, you can reschedule an appointment using these two steps:

  1. Click on the appointment, and then click More Options -> Reschedule
  2. Select where on the calendar you would like to reschedule. It is possible to move the appointment to a different staff member from this view.

2. Adjust an Appointment's Length

In addition to moving around an appointment, you may also wish to make it longer or shorter. To do this:

  1. Hover your cursor over the bottom of an appointment. You should see the cursor adjust to a double-arrow shape
  2. Click and hold the cursor, then drag your mouse up or down to adjust the duration of your appointment.

TIP:  An appointment can also be rescheduled or have its length adjusted through the Edit an Appointment section. This is the best way to adjust an appointment's length when accessing Fresha on a mobile or touch device.

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