Fresha - Frequently Asked Questions

Fresha is the easiest way to promote your business online, let clients self-book 24/7 and interact with them on a whole new level. We'll answer all your burning questions about it below:

  1. What is Fresha?
  2. Is there an Android or iOS App?
  3. Which additional features come with Fresha?
  4. How will the marketplace benefit my business?
  5. Can I edit Fresha client contact details?
  6. How can my clients leave reviews?
  7. How can my clients book through Facebook and Instagram?

1. What is Fresha?

Fresha.com is a global marketplace. It’s an online booking platform for the beauty and wellness industry, an app and a website where clients can sign up and manage their bookings with you in one place. Reach thousands of new clients who visit Fresha every day and rank higher in online searches.

Bookings through Fresha are totally in sync with your business calendar and true availability. Simply set-and-forget without adjusting your daily operations. All bookings, clients and sales automatically appear in your account. 


2. Is there an Android or iOS App?

Yes! You can find the Fresha mobile apps here for both Apple and Android 

The app enables clients to log in, book their favorite services and service providers, manage their bookings and manage their contact details. 

Users can view their upcoming appointments to reschedule or cancel and they can also review past appointments to rebook and leave reviews for their favourite appointments! 

We will also be promoting Fresha ourselves to help bring you new clients. 


3. Which additional features come with Fresha? 


Fresha opens up a whole world of goodies including:

  • Client login access: clients no longer have to repeatedly enter their details when booking online
  • New clients features: clients can now manage their own bookings online, including Rebooking, Rescheduling, and Canceling
  • Profile images: recognize your clients quickly with profile photos they upload
  • Upgraded service menu: clients can now quick-jump through the service menu by category on mobile
  • Service descriptions: service descriptions are now available when booking online, eliminating confusion of service types with clients
  • Mini booking site: have your own personalized Fresha mini-site , featuring your own photos, location map, and description, that you can share with clients for them to book directly with you
  • Client apps: Fresha has its own Apple and Android mobile apps for clients to book, YAY!
  • Search optimization: Your Fresha profile will get you higher rankings on search engines, helping you earn more clients

Additional features such as built-in no show protection and marketing are available with Fresha Plus, currently for businesses in the UK and UAE.


4. How will the marketplace benefit my business? 

The online profile will give you an easy direct booking link for regular clients to continue to book directly with you online. Meanwhile, you'll be able to gradually earn new clients as they discover you on the marketplace.

Additionally, the built-in no-show protection (available in select countries) will protect your business from any time wasters, and the upgraded online profile ranks higher on search engines, making it easier to acquire new clients

It's the easy way to attract new clients and increase the loyalty of your regulars.

Every Fresha profile is given four direct links for online bookings:

  • Micro site
  • Link for your Website
  • Link for your Facebook
  • Link for your Instagram

All of which will open directly onto your landing page with your services for clients to book directly with you. 

For new clients visiting Fresha directly, they'll land on the marketplace where they can browse local businesses in the area to find what they are looking for. 



5. Can I edit Fresha client contact details?

Yes, you can edit the contact details that are displayed on your side, so that you can be confident the client notifications are going to the correct contact details. This will not edit the client's details on the client's side, so you can always restore the client's original details if necessary. Fresha profiles allow clients to add their credit card details as part of your No Show Protection and Pay-Through App features. This means the client is fully responsible and in control for their own contact details on their side.

Should the client wish to update their contact details in their Fresha Profile, once logged in to Fresha, the user can head to the Profile button in the bottom right-hand corner of the app to update their contact details. 


6. How can my clients leave reviews?

We've wanted to ensure all ratings and reviews on the marketplace are from verified customers. Only customers who have made and completed a booking with your business on Fresha can leave a rating or review. 

To leave a review, the client will first need to create an account with Fresha and create a new booking. If they haven't booked with your upgraded Fresha profile previously, they will need to create a new Fresha account.

Next, the appointment will need to be completed and checked out within Fresha, by the business. 

Finally, the client can head to their Fresha app and select Appointments to view their Past appointments. When selecting a past appointment, they'll have the option to leave a 5-star rating as well as Rebook the same appointment for next time.  

7. How can my clients book through Facebook and Instagram?


  1. Head to Online Bookings > Buttons and Links and select Setup Now for Facebook
  2. Select Copy Link
  3. Login to your business page on Facebook
  4. Click on "Add a button" located near the cover photo
  5. Select "Book Now" option and enter the copied booking link


  1. Head to Online Bookings > Buttons and Links and select Setup Now for Instagram
  2. Select Copy Link
  3. If you have a personal Instagram account, convert it to a business profile. See here for more information on how to do so
  4. Go to your Instagram business profile on your mobile and click Edit Profile
  5. Under the Contact Options section, choose Add an action button
  6. 6. Select Fresha and paste your direct booking link

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