Mobile Calendar Updates

The Official Fresha Partner App is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

We’ve pushed a lot of Calendar Improvements to have the best user experience, especially on mobile. Here are the most important changes:

  • Tap & hold to create an appointment - Just press and hold anywhere to initiate the adding appointment process, then just drag “tile” to the exact time and release it. No more mishaps while scrolling and no more confusion with time selection.
  • Swiping to change dates - user can navigate through dates by simply swiping left / right instead of having to select date manually in date picker. Same mechanism works for swiping through staff now! Same in the web version - with additional arrows on the top so users can easily navigate through all staff.
  • Tap & hold to reschedule or add blocked time - Same user experience works for all actions in the calendar. One consistent solution for all actions related to managing bookings. Single tap block time to delete or add notes.
  • Control calendar zoom per device - To be able to introduce the best experience with swiping and navigating, we removed the feature to hide non-working hours and replaced it with the option to control calendar zoom per user per device. Any staff member can now decide how their calendar is shown.
  • Jump to today - In addition, we’ve added a nice "jump to current date and time icon", so if you get lost swiping, just click on the calendar icon.

All of the above will make our app the best tool to help you run your business. We took the best parts of the greatest calendar apps in the market and created our own perfect user experience. Enjoy!



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