How do I set up Google Analytics?

Gain valuable insight into how well your business is performing and track the success of your marketing activity using Google Analytics 4 through our Integrations feature.

Set up Google Analytics 4 through Fresha 

To start using our Google Analytics Integration feature, create or sign in to a Google Analytics account. 

Click here to get set up with Google Analytics.

Set up a data stream within Google Analytics

  1. Using Google Analytics, create a Google Analytics Property for your account. For information on how to do this, click here.  
  2. Go to Admin, select Data Streams and click on Web to set up a data stream for this property. 
  3. Enter the Website URL as ‘www.fresha.com’ along with a Stream Name before clicking Create stream.
  4. Copy the MEASUREMENT ID (starting with G-) under stream details. 

Enabling the Google Analytics Integration on Fresha  

  1. On your Fresha account, go to Engage, select Integrations and click Set up now (under Google Analytics).
  2. Paste in the Tracking or Measurement ID from your Google Analytics data stream (starting with G-).
  3. Check the box to Enable tracking and click Save.

Track data from Fresha in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics will now track the traffic for your online appointments. Whenever a booking is made online with Fresha, Google Analytics will track Page views and Custom appointment events.

Tracking Page views

Head to your Google Analytics account for insight on Page views up to 48 hours from enabling this Integration feature. These are automatically tracked with all relevant data (i.e. country, new/returning user etc.)

Custom appointment events

To view and track the Custom appointment events as a conversion, follow the below steps to set this up in Google Analytics: 

  1. Go to Admin, select Events and click Create event.
  2. Create a custom event by selecting Create.
  3. Fill in the following configuration fields with the below information:
    Custom event name - appointment
    Parameter - event_name
    Operator - equals
    Value - appointment
  4. Click Create to complete setting up the event. 
  5. To view an event and test the next step, you’ll need to book a test appointment online with your business as a ‘client’. 
  6. Under the list of Existing events, locate your test event and enable Mark as conversion using the toggle.
  7. Close the window and go to Conversions and click New conversion event.
  8. Enter the New event name as “appointment” and click Save.
  9. Ensure that the toggle under Mark as conversion is enabled.  

Helpful notes and pro tips


  • Google Analytics has recently updated to Google Analytics 4 from Universal Analytics (UA) which will be out of service soon.
  • We’re always keeping our software up-to-date and so you’ll need to make sure you’re using the latest version of Google Analytics 4 for this Integration to work on Fresha.
  • If you’re currently using a Universal Analytics property within our Google Analytics Integration, you’ll need to replace this with a new Google Analytics 4 property
  • Your Fresha account can only be integrated with one Google Analytics ID.

PRO TIP: When creating a Google Analytics Property for your account, we recommend using your business name as an easy way to keep track.


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