Set up Google Analytics tracking through Fresha

Discover how integrating Google Analytics 4 with Fresha enables detailed tracking of customer interactions and conversions to enhance your online presence and marketing efforts.

This guide covers: 

Getting started

To enable the Google Analytics integration with Fresha you'll need to start by:

To track data from Fresha, you'll need a Google Analytics account and property. In Google Analytics, an account represents the overall access point for your analytics, while a property is a specific website within that account where data is collected and analyzed. Connect your Google Analytics account to Fresha in two ways:

  • Use an existing property to track client activity from your website to Fresha's booking flow.
  • Create a new property dedicated to tracking client activity through Fresha's booking flow only.

How Fresha’s Google Analytics 4 Integration works

Integrating Google Analytics with Fresha’s web platform allows you to monitor customer behavior and conversions from your venue page and booking flow on Fresha. Connect your Google Analytics account with Fresha’s web platform (www.Fresha.com) by creating a Google Analytics tracking ID code and adding it to your Fresha account under Integrations. Once enabled, this integration seamlessly sends data from your Fresha online profile to Google Analytics, providing you with comprehensive reports and actionable insights

By integrating Google Analytics with Fresha, you can:

  • Analyze traffic source metrics
  • Learn about your users' demographics
  • Keep an eye on page views as clients browse your Fresha online profile
  • See when appointment bookings are made through Fresha for a service


  • Your Fresha account can only be integrated with one Google Analytics ID.
  • Google Analytics can only track conversions for services booked through Fresha's web platform (www.fresha.com). 
  • Services booked through the Fresha Marketplace iOS and Android apps will not be tracked or included in any insights provided through Google Analytics.

Creating a new Google Analytics account

If you've never had a Google Analytics account, sign up for a free one using your Google account. Find the latest guides and detailed instructions on creating an account through Google's Analytics Help page

  1. Open Google Analytics in your web browser and choose Start measuring.

  2. Create an account by entering an Account name

  3. Select the relevant data you want to share with Google under Account data-sharing settings.

  4. Click Next to create a property.

Integrating with an existing Google Analytics property

If you're already using Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic, you can integrate it with Fresha to track the whole journey, from clicking on the ad and visiting your site to booking through Fresha's system. Follow these steps if:

  • You're already using Google Analytics to track client activity on your website.
  • Your website features a "Book now" button that directs users to the Fresha booking flow.

Integrate an existing property with Fresha

  1. Open the Google Analytics account that holds the property for your website.
  2. Click on Admin and select Data streams. 
  3. Select the data stream used for your main website URL.
  4. Copy the existing MEASUREMENT ID (starting with G-).
  5. Go to your Fresha account, open Add-ons, and find Google Analytics under Integrations
  6. Click Actions, then Update tracking ID
  7. Paste the Tracking Measurement ID (starting with G-) into Fresha and Save.

Add Fresha.com to your existing data stream’s domains

  1. Open your Google Analytics account. 
  2. Click on Admin and select Data streams.
  3. Choose the data stream linked to your main website and Fresha.
  4. Select Configure tag settings to manage tag behavior and cross-domain linking to internal traffic. 
  5. Under Settings, select Configure your domains.
  6. Add a condition with the Match type as “Contains” and enter the Domain as www.fresha.com
  7. Add a condition with the Match type as “Contains” and enter the Domain or your own website, for example, www.example.com.

NOTE: After integrating Fresha with your existing data stream, you can track clients who visit your website and book through Fresha. Clients booking through Fresha will appear as a single user in real-time reports on Google Analytics.

Integrating with a new Google Analytics property

Creating a new Google Analytics property for Fresha allows you to solely track client activity on Fresha. Follow these steps if:

  • You don’t have your own website.
  • You want to monitor Fresha usage independently from your main Google Analytics property.

Create a Google Analytics property for Fresha

Once you have an account, set up a property to hold all measurement data for Fresha. 

  1. Open your Google Analytics account and select Admin.
  2. Click on Create, then Property, and add a Property name
  3. Select a Reporting time zone (the time zone you want your reports to use, regardless of where the data comes from), and Currency.
  4. Click Next to add your Business details, including the Industry category and Business size, and click Next again.
  5. Select your Business objectives for using Google Analytics to generate customized default reports. 
  6. Click Create to proceed to the next step of adding a data stream.
  7. If you’ve created a new Google Analytics account, accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement to proceed.

TOP TIP: Use your business name when creating a Google Analytics property as an easy way to keep track.

Set up a data stream

Once a property has been created, set up a data stream which will carry the data from www.fresha.com to Google Analytics. 

  1. Choose the Web platform to start collecting data.
  2. Set up a web data stream by entering the Website URL (www.fresha.com), and adding a Stream name. For example, "Fresha". 
  3. Enable Enhanced measurement to collect page views and other events automatically.
  4. Click Create stream.

NOTE: It’s only possible to add a Web data stream to collect data from www.fresha.com. Data cannot be tracked from the Fresha iOS and Android apps.

Integrate Google Analytics with Fresha

Setting up a data stream will create a Measurement ID which can be used to connect to your Fresha account. 

  1. From the data stream on Google Analytics, copy the MEASUREMENT ID (starting with G-).
  2. Open your Fresha account and select Add-ons.
  3. Locate Google Analytics under Integrations, and click View
  4. Paste the Tracking Measurement ID (starting with G-).
  5. Enable tracking using the toggle and click Save

Testing your Google Analytics integration

Once your Google Analytics integration with Fresha has been set up, you can check your real-time reports to view activity straight away.

To test your real-time reports, first make a booking with your venue on the Fresha marketplace:

  1. Using a web browser, go to www.fresha.com and book a test appointment with your business as a client.
  2. Once your test booking has been confirmed, open Google Analytics in your web browser and select Admin.
  3. Select Reports and then Real-time.
  4. Here you’ll be able to view two main data points:

    - Users in the last 30 minutes: View how many users have browsed your profile on Fresha.

    - Event count by Event name: View an Event listed as an appointment when bookings are made. You can use these to optimize ads by marking this as a conversion.

NOTE: When booking a test appointment, ensure that your web browser is free from any ad-blocking extensions, as these may affect the website's functionality. We recommend using a clean browser for accurate testing.

Tracking conversions from Fresha Google Analytics

Google Analytics will track the pageviews of your venue page and booking flow on Fresha, as well as online appointments. Whenever a booking is made on www.fresha.com, Google Analytics will send a specific Custom appointment event. 

Mark appointment as conversion

Once Google Analytics has been integrated with Fresha, you'll need to wait up to 48 hours for your events to show. To allow Google Analytics to recognise your appointment events as conversions to measure conversion rate:

  1. Open Google Analytics in your web browser and select Admin.
  2. Select Events to view a list of Existing events.
  3. Under the appointment event, use the toggle to Mark as conversion. 

NOTE: Insight on Page views and appointments can be seen up to 48 hours from enabling the integration with Fresha. These are automatically tracked with all relevant data (for example, country, new/returning user etc.).

View conversions

Once you’ve marked a conversion event, you can track these in a few places on Google Analytics.

  1. Open Google Analytics in your web browser and select Reports.
  2. Access conversion data in the following ways:

    - Real-time: Select Real-time and scroll down to view Conversions by Event name

    - Life cycle: Under Life cycle, click on Engagement and select Conversions to view data.

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