How Fresha Plus pays for itself

Fresha Plus combines a secure card processing system with a bundle of powerful new features. Here's how it pays for itself:


1. Always check out with Fresha

Shift the costs from your in-store card terminal to online payments. The more you check out using Pay by Text, the fewer fees you’re paying elsewhere.

  • The processing fee is included in the package and you can slowly phase out your card terminal fees so it won't cost you any extra.
  • With extremely competitive rates, enabling online payments has saved businesses more than $300 in reduced subscription and processing fees.
  • Clients are already familiar with a cardless checkout experience if they've ever booked a ride somewhere or ordered online food delivery.
  • Use Checkout not only for payments but to track sales. commissions, tips, taxes and more. Identify your bestselling services and top-performing staff using the reporting tools under Analytics > Reports.


TIP: If your client hasn't added a card to their Fresha profile yet, you can still charge them using Pay By Text rather than falling back to your EFTPOS terminal. It will be cheaper for you and more convenient for the client. 

2. Activate No Show Protection

No shows and late cancellations are a shocker in the industry and until now, there hasn't been an effective way to stop them without deterring bookings. Now there's a solution. 

  • Make it a requirement that clients securely add their card information as part of confirming the appointment.
  • Combine this function with SMS reminders to reduce your no shows to almost zero.
  • A 90% reduction in no shows saves the average business more than $200 monthly.


TIP: If a client cancels their appointment within your cancellation period, you'll make back some of the money you lost and you're likely to fill the empty slot in the calendar. Double the money for half of your time. 

3. Drive Bookings Online

The more bookings your drive online, the easier it will be to process a payment through Fresha. If the client shows up without their wallet, it's not a problem. If they don't show up at all, it's not an issue.

  • Update your website, voicemail, and store window to let the world know you can be booked 24/7 online. It could save you an entire day's worth of work and it's not only more convenient, you are now protected as well.
  • You can expect to gain 6 new clients every month from the Fresha marketplace alone and you will rank higher on Google search.
  • The first 3 results of a Google search receive more than 60% of all click-through traffic so it pays to be at the top.  



TIP: It's generally good practice to enforce a 3-strike policy when enforcing your no show protection. Things do happen, and it would be a shame to deter your regulars for a one time mistake.

4. Setup Smart Marketing

Enable Smart Marketing campaigns to continuously re-engage your clients without having to lift a finger.  

  • Save a fortune, replace digital agency costs, SEO specialists and Web ads with automated campaigns through Fresha.
  • Campaigns are completely integrated with Fresha. An appointment resulting from a marketing email will instantly populate your calendar and the predefined discount is applied automatically.



  • We've done the testing and we've written the copy for you to guarantee sales. You'll be able to improve and maintain your relationship with clients and boost revenue by running effective and automated Marketing campaigns.

    Just one
     booking gained from marketing will more than cover the fee so you're always in the green. 


TIP: Use subject lines that will capture user imaginations to improve click rates eg "You'll like what's inside" and customize emails with your own branded photo header; we've seen the conversion rate improve by over 70% simply by adding a high-quality image. 

NOTE: Do enable all the marketing features. Our research has shown that if a customer walks through the door a second time, there is an 80% chance they'll become a long term regular client. 

5. Card Processing vs Fresha Plus


Our transaction fee includes all payment processing charges, including daily transfers to your bank. And the transaction fee is only ever charged once per booking, so the maximum you’ll pay is one fee per transaction. Moving your payment processing to Fresha means you get all the benefits of Fresha Plus for this one low fee.


If you're still not convinced, consider the monthly subscription fee you would pay to another, less advanced scheduling system. Now add the monthly costs of processing payments through a card terminal or 3rd party system. Remember to account for hidden payout fees and the money lost from no shows. Then add SMS costs and marketing fees.

If you still think you're getting a better deal, contact us at hello@fresha.com 👍 or head straight to Overview > Start now to get set up and trial it for yourself. 

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