How do I process payments?

Payment Processing is currently available for businesses that have enabled Fresha Plus.

Fresha has revolutionized the way clients pay for their appointments. Cashless and contactless "Pay By Text" functionality is now available for online and offline bookings and it's as simple as a couple of steps.

If a client has booked over the phone and hasn't previously added card details to their account, you can still use Pay By Text. We'll process the payment and payout directly to your account, and the client only needs to add their card details once so future bookings with you will be even easier. If you haven't set up payments yet, here's how to set this up.

This guide outlines:

  1. How to use Pay By Text
  2. What your client will experience
  3. Pay By Text for Online Bookings
  4. What your client will experience booking online

NOTE: In order to start processing payments, you'll first need to add your billing information to your Fresha account. Then, head to Online Bookings  > No Show Protection where you'll be given the option to Require Card Details when clients book online. 

PRO TIP: If the client would like to pay using more than one payment option, you can edit the payment amount by clicking the balance shown under Pay, entering the amount, and selecting the payment method/s they’d like to use. You won’t be able to Complete Sale until the full balance has been covered.

1. How to use Pay By Text 

At the end of the appointment, click Check Out.  If there's a card icon next to the client's profile already, you can Charge Card right away. If not, use Pay By Text. The fees for this are the same as the standard fee per online booking. Check your Billing Details if you're unsure.

  1. Click Pay by Text
  2. Complete the details and click Send Now
  3. A secure payment link is sent by SMS to the client's mobile
  4. Once completed, the payment is processed and you can send an invoice to the client directly. 


2. What your client will experience

Once you have sent the secure payment link, your client will receive an SMS with payment instructions.

They will need to:

  1. Click on the link they received via SMS

  2. View their appointment details and Continue

  3. Securely add their Card Details

  4. Save their Email and Password to pay Booking_Flow_with_Payment.png 

  5. At the end, they can leave a review and rebook another appointment with you.

Note: Clients will only have to use this Pay By Text method once. Now they'll have their own login with card details securely added already, so you'll see a card icon next to their name at future checkout.

3. Pay By Text for Online Bookings 

Once your client has added their card details to their Fresha profile, a card icon will be visible on the bottom right-hand corner of the client's photo or avatar icon.


Once their appointment has been completed, their card will be visibly available as a payment type during the checkout flow. From the main calendar: 

  1. Click on the appointment to select Checkout.
  2. Apply any necessary changes to the sale, e.g add services or discounts 
  3. Once updates have been applied, select Charge Card        Screenshot_2019-03-05_at_10.29.13.png
  4. By selecting Charge Card you are facilitating a payment and charging the card that the client has attached to their account.
  5. The payment is now complete and you'll be provided with the option to email or print the invoice for the client as proof of payment. 

Should you proceed with Charge Card but the value of the appointment is greater than the original booking value, an authorization code will be sent via SMS to the client's registered mobile number. The client should read the code to you so you can type it in to authorize the transaction. 


Authorization codes are also triggered if the booking is made Offline (by the salon) and the client would like to Pay By Text and/or if the appointment is checked out a day in advance or a day later. We always recommend checking out appointments as soon as they have been complete for accurate reporting. 

Clients are never charged upfront whilst booking online.

Processing the payment happens once the appointment has been completed, as services provided often differ from what was originally booked. When using the client's card as a payment type, it will actually charge the client's card.

Do not then take their physical card and process the payment again through a card terminal machine, as this will result in the client being charged twice.

Should you need to use another payment type such as cash rather than the registered card, select More Options > Other Payment Types

 4. Client Booking Experience: Required vs Non-Required Card

The settings applied under Card Processing  > No Show Protection will affect the client's online booking experience with you. They'll be able to browse and select your service and proceed to select an appointment time. To continue, they'll be required to log in or create an account if it's their first time. 

Depending on your settings, they'll either be required to add their card details or proceed to confirm their appointment. 


Require Clients to add Card Details


Don't Require Clients to add Card Details


Note: The client will be charged an authentication fee to verify the card is indeed valid. This charge is then instantly refunded and does not mean the client has paid for their appointment. All payments are processed at the point of sale during checkout. 

Please be aware that you may receive calls from existing clients asking you why they are now required to add their card details prior to booking. 

Tip: Incentivize clients to add their card details online and drive online bookings to make the most of no-show protection. You may want to offer a small promotion for all appointments booked online and explain the benefits clients have with being able to "manage their own bookings" through the app.


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