Create Packages (Combos)

Creating a package is the easiest way to group existing services together so they can be booked as one. There are lots of different uses for packages, so we've picked some of the most popular examples that you can use as a guideline for setting up your own custom packages. 

Here's how to create:

Color applications

One of the most popular packages is the color application, usually consisting of a color, wash, cut and blowdry. Follow the steps below when creating your own packages that involve Processing Time:

  1. Head to Services
  2. Click Add New > New Service
  3. Select Service > PackageScreen_Shot_2019-09-17_at_12.07.42.png
  4. Choose the Service Category
  5. Name your Package and choose your Schedule type (Booked in Sequence means services will be booked one after the other)
  6. Add services in the order clients will receive them

  7. Adjust the Processing Time. This is the time allocated for the formula to develop, so clients need to stay in the salon, but the staff member is free to work and be booked by other clients

  8. Set your price, which can simply be the combined price of each service, or a custom price or % discount off the entire Package
  9. Save.

Packages have their own unique settings, so services disabled for online bookings can be included in a Package that is available online.

Clients will be able to choose a staff member from a package when you have the services in the package assigned to more than one staff member. 

TIP: Processing time is the best way to optimize your calendar so clients can book between two services, eg when a color is developing. You can find out more about the difference between processing and block time here.

NOTE:  Services will be assigned to a single staff member where possible, so make sure that your staff members are assigned to the right services under Staff Members.

Manicure and Pedicure sets

Clients who are short on time may wish to have a Manicure and Pedicure completed the same time. To create a Mani/Pedi parallel package, follow the same steps as above, but make sure services are Booked in parallel, not in sequence. Parallel means the services will be done at the same time. Each service within the package will be assigned to an available staff member.    Screen_Shot_2019-09-17_at_12.05.29.png

NOTE: Parallel packages will require two staff members to be available at the same time in order for this service to be bookable online. Staff cannot be chosen online when booking a parallel package as the combination of services will have to work with your staff availability. 

TIP: Create a parallel package of two manicures so two friends can have their manicure completed together and at the same time! 

Couples' Massages

Create packages for two people! Here's an example of how to setup a package for more than one person and how to add in the necessary Block Time. Block time can be added to give your staff a quick rest before their next appointment and for cleanup. Clients won't see the block time when they book, but the time will be blocked out for you in the calendar.

  1. Make sure the services are set up to be booked in Parallel order.Screen_Shot_2019-09-17_at_12.57.42.png
  2. You can add Block time into the package here, or if the block time has already been added to the individual service, there's no need to add it again.Screen_Shot_2019-09-17_at_12.55.33.png
  3. Ensure that services requiring a Resource have the appropriate resource already assigned
  4. Save.

TIP: Adding 5 minutes of block time after the last service in the package gives you time to check the appointment out, raise an invoice and show the client how to rebook their next appointment online.

NOTE: You can still add more services, products, tips and use Fresha Pay to process the payment or split payments between various payment methods as you would when checking out a single service.


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