Create packages from services

Boost bookings and simplify managing multiple services by creating packages. This guide will help you group services into packages for clients to purchase.

This guide covers: 

Getting started

Packages are groups of services clients can buy in a single booking. To help create these, start by: 

  • Creating your full service menu. You'll need this to group services into packages. 
  • Requesting permissions to access Services if you’re a team member. 
  • Create categories to organize your services and packages.

Creating packages 

Make booking multiple treatments easier for clients by offering packages.

Adding basic package details 

To add the basic details for a new package: 

  1. Open the Catalog and select Service menu.
  2. Click Add and choose Package
  3. Under Basic details, enter:


    -  Package name

    - Menu category
     - Short description to help clients understand the package
  4. Continue to add services to the package.

Adding services to a package 

To add and manage the services within a package: 

  1. Scroll down to Services after entering Basic details.
  2. Click Add services and select at least two services to include in the package.
  3. If the service needs processing time, click the three dots next to the service, select Add extra time and set the:
    - Type: Choose to add either Processing or Blocked time after each service
    - Duration: Enter the additional time needed after the service.
  4. Choose a Schedule type from:


    - Booked in sequence: Services are added to the calendar one after another.

    - Booked in parallel: Services are added to the calendar and can be performed at the same time.
  5. Continue to set the package pricing.

TOP TIP: Reorder services by dragging and dropping them. The order will determine the sequence on the calendar.

Set the package pricing

To set the pricing for a package: 

  1. Scroll down to Pricing after adding services.
  2. Set the Pricing type as:


    - Service pricing: Total cost of all services in the package.

    - Custom pricing: Enter a custom price.
    - Percentage discount: Enter a percentage value that will be calculated based on the total cost of services included in the package.
    - Free: No charge for the services in the package.
  3. Continue to allow online bookings for the package.

NOTE: Changes to individual service prices won't affect booked packages. You’ll need to manually edit these appointments to update the price.

Allowing online bookings for the package

Online bookings are enabled by default. 

To update the online booking settings for the package: 

  1. Scroll down to Online booking after setting pricing.
  2. Use the toggle to enable or disable the package for Fresha’s marketplace.
  3. Under Available for, specify the service availability by gender.
  4. Click Save. 


Q. What is the difference between processing time and block time?
Processing time allows for other bookings while the client waits. Blocked time adds a gap for the team members between appointments for cleaning or preparation.

Q. Can I create packages that require multiple staff members?
Yes, use the booked-in parallel schedule type for packages like manicures & pedicures that require multiple staff members. Make sure that the services are allocated to the relevant team members at the time of booking.

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