How do I create a package?

You can group services together so they can be booked as one by your clients by creating a package. To create a package: 

  1. Go to Services, click Add new followed by New service
  2. Click Service and Package
  3. Add a package name, category, description and choose who the package is available for. 
  4. Online bookings will be enabled by default. You can flick the toggle if you don’t want clients to be able to book your package online.
  5. Add the services included in your package. You can reorder your services by dragging and dropping, the order determines the sequence in which the services are added into the calendar. 
  6. Choose the Schedule type. Booked in sequence means the services will be added to the calendar one after another. Booked in parallel means the services will be added to the calendar and can be performed at the same time. 
  7. You can choose to add Processing time or Block time after each service by clicking on the service name. 
  8. Add the package price. You can choose to add custom pricing or a discount if you would like the price of the package to be different to what the individual service price would be.
  9. Once you’re happy with the package you’ve created, click Save.

Tip: You can use booked in sequence schedule types for colour, cut and dry packages. Booked in parallel schedule types are useful for manicure & pedicure packages.

Note: Booked in parallel schedule types will require two staff members to be available at the same time for the package to be bookable. Clients will be unable to choose their staff member when booking this type of package online. 



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