How do I merge clients?

Merging duplicate client profiles helps keep your client list up-to-date and makes it easier than ever to combine client names, contact details, appointment history, and notes all in one place.

Our manual merge option allows you to choose specific clients to be merged together from your client database and our auto-merge feature will automatically locate all of your duplicated clients and combine them with one click.

Fresha automatically recognises duplicated contact information when a new client profile is being created - we’ll notify you about any existing clients that have the same contact info to help you to avoid creating any new duplicates.

Manually merge duplicate clients

To manually merge your clients:

  1. Go to Clients and use the search bar to select the client you’re looking to merge.
  2. Click on the client card, go to More Options three_dots.png and select Merge.
  3. Select the blue_tick.png next to the clients you would like to merge.
  4. If a client has not appeared, you can manually add other clients to the merging group.   
  5. Once selected, click Merge Selected.
  6. Choose which name and number should be used as the primary contact information for the client.
  7. Click Merge & Save to confirm the changes.

PRO TIP: Once you merge clients, it cannot be undone. Anyone with access to Clients will be able to merge client information on your Fresha database so make sure your staff permissions have been set.

Auto-merge duplicate clients

Our auto-merge feature combines appointments, sales, and profile information of duplicated clients into one client profile. To do this:

  1. Go to Clients to view your client database.
  2. If you have any duplicate clients, a banner will appear asking you to Review & merge your client list (or click on Options three_dots.png and select Merge clients from the dropdown.)
  3. Select Review & Merge
  1. Click the blue_tick.png next to the clients you’d like to merge. 
  2. Click Merge selected.
  3. To confirm the changes, you’ll need to click the blue_tick.png next to I understand client merging cannot be undone and select Confirm & Merge

All of the duplicate client profiles you selected will now be updated. The contact details for the newest record are kept. If the client has a Fresha online booking profile, those details will be kept.

PRO TIP: If there is one Fresha online booking profile among the duplicates being merged, you can proceed with combining the client records. If there are multiple Fresha online booking accounts among a group of duplicates, they cannot be merged together. 

NOTE: Fresha online booking profiles are created by the clients themselves, so you cannot merge accounts on their behalf. We recommend letting the client know that they have multiple online booking profiles and that they can choose which one should be their primary account.

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