Merge Clients

Use Fresha's merge client features to keep your client list clean and up to date. 

How to merge clients

Fresha has powerful features to prevent creating duplicate clients, and handy tools to merge client records together.

Our merging features make it easy to combine client names, contact details, appointment history, sales and notes all into one profile.

There is an Auto-Merge feature, to find all your duplicated clients and combine them with one click, and also a Manual Merge feature to choose specific clients to be merged together.

On top of that, Fresha automatically recognizes duplicated contact info whilst a new client is being created. Fresha notifies you about any exisiting clients that have the same contact info, to help you prevent creating new duplicates.

Client merging is a powerful feature, and with great power comes great responsibility! This article answers how to:

  1. Manually merge duplicate clients
  2. Auto-merge duplicate clients
  3. Can merged clients but un-merged?
  4. Can I merge two Fresha Clients?


1. Manually merge duplicate clients

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Bar, head to Clients
  2. Search and Select the client you would like to have mergedScreen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-13.10.15.jpg
  3. Within the client card, select More Options > MergeScreen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-13.10.40.jpg
  4. Now, select or deselect the clients you would like to mergeScreen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-13.11.17.jpg
  5. If a client has not appeared, you can manually add other clients to the merging group  Screen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-15.01.05.jpg  
  6. Once selected, click Merge Selected
  7. Choose which name or number should be used as the primary contact detailScreen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-13.12.12.jpg
  8. Select the primary contact details and select Merge & Save

WARNING: Merged clients cannot be unmerged or recovered to their original state. The merging process is permanent and non-restorable. 


2. Auto-Merge duplicate clients

If you have accumulated a large amount of duplicates over time, you can automatically bulk merge clients in one go by following these steps closely:

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Bar, select Clients
  2. Should you have duplicates, the Smart Merge features will inform you under a blue banner.
  3. Select Review & Merge
  4. Screen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-14.00.39.jpg 
  5. Alternatively, select Options > Merge Clients from the top right hand cornerScreen_Shot_2018-10-10_at_15.13.01.png
  6. You'll be presented with a full list of duplicates where you can de-select certain groups should you wish for these not to be merged into oneScreen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-14.01.14.jpg
  7. Once you've reviewed them all, click Merge Selected 
  8. One last pop up will appear as a final confirmation that you would like all of these groups to be merged into individual contacts. Once ticked, select Confirm & Merge 
  9. This action is permanent and cannot be undone. Screen-Shot-2018-10-10-at-14.01.29.jpg

NOTE: Whilst using Auto-Merge; the contact details of the newest record are kept. If the client has a Fresha online booking profile, those details will be kept.


3. Can merged clients be un-merged?

Merging clients as an action cannot be undone. Once they have been merged into one, they cannot be separated again. We recommend the owner of the account and the management team review their Permission Levels allocated to all staff members.

Anyone with access to Clients will have access to merging clients and auto-merge.


4. Can I merge two Fresha clients?

You are able to merge multiple clients within your Fresha account into one client. If there is one Fresha online booking profile among the duplicates being merged, you can proceed with combining the client records.

If there are multiple Fresha online booking accounts among a group of duplicates, they cannot be merged together. Fresha online booking profiles are created by clients themselves, so you are not able to merge their accounts on their behalf. In this case we recommend you inform the client they created duplicate online booking profiles in Fresha, so they can choose which account should be their primary /go to account. 

We recommend your clients reach out to us at hello@fresha.com using the duplicated email they would like to have us remove.

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