4 steps to spring clean your service list

Millions jump online to book their beauty and wellness treatments every day. In the same way restaurant is judged by its menu, a great salon is assessed by the quality and variety of its service list. 

We've pulled together a list of our top tips for giving your service menu a makeover and start turning browsers and one-time bookers into regular clients.

1. Double down on your strengths

Providing too much choice can lead to indecision and potentially a lost booking. It's best to focus on your bestsellers.

  • Every business is different, but somewhere between 8-15 services is generally a good amount to advertise online. 
  • Under Analytics, run your Sales By Service report to see your most popularly booked services. Remove services that are collecting dust so that clients don’t have to scroll through an endless list to find what they're looking for.
  • Every so often, add a new service you'd like to introduce and test the water by offering a temporary 10% discount to see if there is demand.

2. Proofraed. Proofreed. Proofread.  

Incorrect spelling and grammar stand out like a sore thumb so make sure you're proofreading everything before publishing your profile online! 

It will only take a few minutes to make sure that your grammar and formatting is consistent across your entire service list, but it could be the difference between a fully booked calendar or a lot of empty timeslots.

Here's an example of a well-written service menu:


Here's one with some room for improvement:


PRO TIP: Have a colleague or friend read over your services and make a test booking before you publish. It's easy to gloss over a little mistake yourself, but it might be obvious to another pair of eyes.

3. Keep it coherent

Your service list needs to make sense. How do you group services together?

  • If you offer a Cut, colour, and dry combo or a Couple's massage, bundle them into one Package to reduce clutter and make things easy for your client.
  • If clients usually book a Foot Massage as well as a Pedicure, position them one after another to boost your chances of an upsell. 
  • Service add-ons can be hidden or incorporated as Variable pricing types.  

PRO TIP: Remember to write service descriptions that appeal to your target audience. What kind of tone suits your clientele? Write with them in mind. 

4. Price appropriately

Clients are most comfortable booking online when they know exactly what they're signing up for. That's why it's important to show all of your prices upfront.

  • You sell time, so work out how much you currently charge per hour on average and determine whether it's enough to comfortably cover your overall costs with a bit of profit on top.
  • Simplify. Avoid $34.27 non-rounded prices and bizarre package bundles where the pricing is difficult to calculate. Make it super easy for clients to work out how much they'll be spending.
  • Offer promotions based on the season and enable automated Marketing campaigns so that discounts are targeted to specific clients to build loyalty.


PRO TIP: Know your worth! Don't be too heavy with discounts especially when you're starting out. Also, remember that a £59.99 service discounted by £20 looks a lot more appealing than a £39.99 service sold at full price.

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