The power in checking out appointments

By checking out appointments as soon as they’ve been completed, you can start benefiting from real-time reporting, automated notifications that encourage clients to book with you again, and reviews that strengthen your credibility with an entirely new client base via the Fresha marketplace online booking system.

In just a few clicks, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of the features that rely on your appointments being checked out as soon as they’ve been completed, and adopting this habit can play an important role in boosting your credibility and with your clients growing your sales!

If you're not sure how to check out an appointment and raise an invoice, click here.


Reliable reporting

Knowing who your most valuable clients are can impact many different areas of your business, including the services you offer, the promotions you choose to run, and the clients you target with your marketing campaigns.

Raise an invoice after every completed appointment and start tracking your business’s performance in real-time with a variety of tools designed to help you track everything from appointments and clients to finances and sales.

Click here to find out how our reports work and start making more informed decisions about your business.

NOTE: Use the Sales by Service and Sales by Product reports to track your bestsellers, and give your Service list and Inventory a spring clean at least every quarter.

Rankings, ratings, and reviews

Client reviews are an important part of any business success story and can have a huge impact on how many clients are discovering and booking your services online. 

Reviews build trust and credibility in your business, services, and staff, and sending thank-you notifications to clients after their appointment is the easiest way to ask them to leave a review and encourage them to book with you again. They're only triggered once an appointment has been checked out, so play an important role in strengthening your relationship with your clients and boosting your position on Fresha marketplace.


PRO TIP: If the client has an outstanding balance (part-paid invoice), they will still receive the Thank-you message and be encouraged to rate their booking.

Targeted marketing


Our smart marketing features have been proven to grow sales and increase bookings through campaigns targeted at specific groups in your client list. There are several groups for you to choose from when picking an audience for your campaigns, including new, lapsed, loyal and recent clients.

The success of these campaigns can depend on a number of things, including the information on their client profile being up-to-date and their appointments being checked out as soon as they’ve been completed.

By checking out your appointments, you can be sure your smark marketing campaigns are getting the data they need to deliver the right messages to the right people, with promotions for your disengaged clients and rewards for your regulars.

Click here for more information on our smart marketing features and here to create your first campaign.

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