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Add essential details about your business to keep your documents accurate and help boost your online presence. Learn how to update your business information and manage external links to increase your visibility on Fresha's marketplace and Google.

This guide covers: 

Getting started

To update your business details, you’ll need to be the current account owner as this grants you full permissions, including the authority to change contact information. Before adding or updating this information, we recommend having the following details to hand:

  • An understanding of how taxes should be applied in your country. 

Updating your business info

You can alter business details like your business name and time zone, all in one place.

Add your business name 

Your business name will be displayed on your online booking profile, sales receipts and any messages sent to clients. 

To update the name of your business:

  1. Open Workspace settings, select Business setup then Business details.
  2. Click Edit under Business info.
  3. Enter your Business name under Business info
  4. Click Save.

Check your country and currency setting

The country and currency for your business are selected during your account setup when joining Fresha, and cannot be changed through the workspace settings. 

To check your country and currency: 

  1. Open Workspace settings, select Business setup then Business details.
  2. View the country and currency set up for your business under Business info.

If the country and currency are set incorrectly, you’ll need to create a new account following the steps below: 

  • Export clients and products from your current account so that these can be transferred over to your new account.

  • Un-list your online profile from Fresha’s marketplace.

  • Delete your account.

  • Create a new account, select the correct country and currency when initially signing up and setting up your password.

Setting tax calculation preferences

Taxes can be automatically calculated based on your preferences for sales and reporting prices. 

To manage your tax calculation:

  1. Open Workspace settings, select Business setup then Business details.
  2. Click Edit under Business info.
  3. Go to Tax calculation and pick one of the following options for how taxes are applied to prices in sales and reporting:


    - Retail prices exclude tax: Tax is not included in the displayed retail price. Instead, it's calculated and added on top of the listed price at the point of sale.

    - Retail prices include tax: The retail price displayed already includes tax. The tax portion is automatically calculated and indicated as part of the total price, making it clear what portion of the payment is going towards taxes.

  4. Click Save.

Once you’ve set up tax calculations, you can add the tax rates for your business.  

TOP TIP: Every country and state has its own requirements for recording taxes, remember to check that your taxes are being applied correctly for your country before issuing receipts. For example, in the United States, taxes are typically added on top of the sales price (tax exclusive). In many other countries, taxes are included in the sales price (tax inclusive).

Choosing language settings

You can choose and set default languages for clients and team members within your account. 

To set the default languages for your account:

  1. Open Workspace settings, select Business setup then Business details.
  2. Click Edit under Business info.
  3. Go to Language settings and select a language for:


    - Client default language: Choose the language used in the automated messages and marketing content clients receive.

    - Team default language: Choose the language seen by your team and used for your account's display.

  4. Click Save.

NOTE: Your team members and clients can override the language displayed in their settings.

Updating your external links

Add your company website and social media links for sharing with clients.

  1. Open Workspace settings, select Business setup then Business details.
  2. Click Edit under Business info.
  3. Go to External links and enter the following details:


    - Facebook: Enter the profile URL for your business on Facebook. For example, www.facebook.com/yourbusiness.

    - Instagram: Enter the profile URL for your business on Instagram. For example, www.instagram.com/yourbusiness.

    - X (Twitter): Enter the profile URL for your business on X (Twitter). For example, www.x.com/yourbusiness.

    - Website: Enter the website URL for your business. For example, www.yourbusiness.com
  4. Click Save


Q. Is it possible to merge two Fresha accounts? 
No, accounts cannot be merged. If you're listed on Fresha’s marketplace, unlist your profile and transfer the necessary data to one of the accounts before deleting the other.

Q. How can I change the country or currency of my Fresha account?
Fresha is designed to facilitate one country and currency type for each account. This is determined at the time of your account creation and cannot be changed afterward. If you have moved to a different location or need to change the currency, you'll need to create a new Fresha account with the correct country and its associated currency. Remember to export and transfer your client list and products from the old account to the new one.

Q. Can I have different time zones across my locations?
Fresha only supports one time zone per account which will apply across all associated locations. If your business operates in various time zones or deals with different currencies, we recommend creating individual accounts for each location.

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