Managing No Shows and Cancellations

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1. Feature Overview

No-show protection is a powerful feature exclusive to partners using Fresha Plus.

Once you’ve enabled no-show protection, you can require clients to secure appointments with a payment card. This means you can set a cancellation policy and charge penalty fees when clients cancel late or don’t show up.

Once no-show protection is enabled, you can override it for specific clients or appointments, as required.

2. Why use this feature?

Our advanced protection features can reduce no-shows and late cancellations by as much as 90%! This saves you time and money by ensuring your appointment slots don’t go to waste.

Our partners find that simply asking clients to save payment card details is the single biggest deterrent of no-shows, ensuring clients respect your time and show up for their appointments.


3. Enable or disable no-show protection

To set up no-show protection you must first enable payment processing. 

Once you’ve enabled payment processing:

1. Go to Card Processing > No-show Protection.

2. Under the heading Clients can cancel or reschedule online, define how much advance notice clients are required to give when cancelling an appointment.


You can choose to allow cancellations at any time, or set a notice period from 30 minutes to 48 hours before the appointment start time. 

If a client cancels an appointment at short notice (i.e. with less time remaining before the appointment than is required by your cancellation policy), it will be marked as a late cancellation. If no-show protection is enabled, you can charge a penalty fee.

3. Now switch the Enable no-show and cancellation protection toggle on, to enable no-show protection. 

This is important: to enforce a cancellation policy and charge penalty fees for no-shows and late cancellations, you must require clients to confirm bookings with a payment card.

4. After enabling no-show protection, you can choose a cancellation policy from those displayed. Hint! For the best results, we recommend the Flexible option. It’s proven to have a strong effect for almost entirely eliminating no-shows, yet not appearing tough for clients. The more onerous policy options can be harder for clients to accept. 

  • Zero Charge – no penalty for cancellations or no-shows
  • Flexible Policy – free cancellations, no-show fee of 10% of the appointment value
  • Fair Policy – late-cancellation fee of 10% of the appointment value, no-show fee of 30% of the appointment value
  • Moderate Policy – late-cancellation fee of 30% of the appointment value, no-show fee of 50% of the appointment value
  • Strict Policy – late-cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment value, no-show fee of 100% of the appointment value


Your cancellation policy will display to your clients when booking an appointment with you.

5. If you do not wish to disable no-show protection for appointments manually booked by your staff, you can uncheck the setting Ask clients to confirm manually booked appointments. When disabled, clients booked manually by your staff will not be asked to accept your no-show policy and save their card. Clients will only be asked to add their cards when booking their own appointments online. Important: disabling this setting exposes your business to a greater number of no-shows, with greatly reduced opportunities to charge penalty fees.

6. When you’re happy with your settings, click Save.

That’s it! No-show protection is now enabled and your clients will be required to confirm appointments with a payment card.

7. If you ever want to disable no-show protection, simply switch the Enable no-show and cancellation protection toggle off.

Your cancellation policy will no longer be displayed on your profile on the Fresha marketplace and clients will not be required to confirm bookings with a payment card. If a client cancels late or doesn’t show up, you won’t be able to charge penalty fees.


4. Override no-show protection for specific clients

You can switch off no-show protection for specific clients if you don’t want them to be asked to confirm appointments with a payment card. Note this setting only applies for appointments booked manually by your staff.

  1. Go to Clients and select a client to view their Client profile.
  2. Click More options > Edit to display the Edit Client page.
  3. Uncheck the Ask to confirm appointments with card box to switch off no-show protection for the client.

Override no-show protection for a specific manual appointment

You can switch off no-show protection for a specific manually booked appointment when adding the appointment to your calendar.

  1. Go to Calendar > Add New > New Appointment.
  2. Uncheck the Ask client to confirm appointment with card box to switch off no-show protection for this appointment.


5. Charge penalty fees for no-shows and late cancellations

If a client incurs a penalty fee when canceling their appointment via our app, they’ll be asked to accept the penalty fee or call you to discuss. If they accept the penalty fee, we’ll charge their card and add the funds to your next payout.

When your staff cancels an appointment or sets it as a no-show, it’s up to you to decide whether to charge their card.

Here’s how to charge a penalty fee:

1. Go to Calendar and select the relevant appointment.

2. Click More Options and select whichever is applicable: Cancel or No-show

Note: You can only select No-show if the appointment start time has already passed.

If no-show protection is enabled and the client has confirmed their appointment with a payment card, a pop-up will display presenting two options: to charge the appropriate penalty fee or to Continue without charge.


3. Select the desired option.

If you choose to continue without charging the client’s card, the appointment will be cancelled or marked as a no-show and you will be returned to your calendar.

If you choose to charge the penalty fee, you will be directed to the checkout screen, with the penalty fee added and the client’s saved card details displayed. You also have discretion to manually reduce the amount of penalty to be charged.

4. Click the Charge card option to process the payment. 

Once the payment has been processed, the client will be automatically notified of the fee charged.


6. No-show protection FAQs

1. Do I have to pay extra for no-show protection?

No-show protection is included with Fresha Plus and all costs are already covered by our regular Fresha Plus fees.


2. Is no-show protection only for online bookings?

No, it’s for all appointments, whether booked online or manually entered in your calendar. 

Once you enable no-show protection, by default all clients will be asked to confirm appointments with a payment card. You can then override no-show protection for specific clients or specific appointments as required, or set it for online bookings only.


3. How do clients confirm appointments with a payment card?

If a client books online, they’ll be prompted to secure their appointment with a payment card during the booking process.

If a client books in person or over the phone, they’ll be sent a notification after you add the appointment to your calendar. This message will ask them to secure their appointment with a payment card.


4. Why am I being asked to enter an authorisation code to charge the client?

An authorisation code is never needed to charge a no-show or cancellation fee. If you’re being asked for a code, it means you attempted to check out the appointment as normal, instead of using the feature to charge cancellation and no-show fees. Remember: the only way to charge the penalty fee is by first updating the appointment to be cancelled or no-show, followed by selecting the option to charge the penalty fee.


5. How are card details stored for clients without Fresha accounts?

When a client without a Fresha account confirms an appointment with a payment card, they are prompted to create an account in order to save their card details. The card details are securely encrypted with full PCI compliance, your staff never have access to sensitive card numbers.

Once clients have a Fresha account, they can book and manage appointments online, pay via our app and leave reviews for great service.


6. What happens if my client doesn’t confirm their appointment?

At this time, we don’t take any action – we understand that our partners prefer to make their own decisions on a case-by-case basis. We simply add a disclaimer to the confirmation request reminding clients that you may choose to cancel unconfirmed appointments at any time.


7. When a client confirms their appointment, do you take a deposit or place a hold on the funds in their account?

No, clients simply saved their payment card details to confirm. This means you don’t have to worry about processing two separate payments – one for the confirmation and one for the completed appointment. This also keeps our fees to a minimum. Please note current regulations don’t permit us to collect deposits or place a hold on funds.


8. Why am I unable to charge the penalty fee?

If a client removes their card from their account but the card is still functioning, you’ll still be able to charge penalty fees for any appointments booked with that card.

In other circumstances, a client’s card may have insufficient funds for us to process the penalty fee. You can continue attempting to charge the fee at anytime without restrictions, as soon as the card has sufficient funds the payment will go through.

In very rare cases, a client’s card may be cancelled during the time between confirming an appointment and cancelling or not showing up – which means we can’t process the penalty fee. 

9. Where can I find reports on no-shows and late cancellations?

Details of no-shows and late cancellations are included in your Finance Summary, Sales Reports and the Sales Log Report. You can also view info about no-shows and late cancellations via your Analytics Dashboard.

10. Can I confirm an appointment I booked on behalf of my client?

Yes, you can. Just set the status of the appointment to "Confirmed". Note, changing the status back to a "New" will require your client to confirm with their card.

11. Can I resend the confirmation request?

Yes, you can. Just open the appointment and click "More Options" > "Ask Client to Confirm"


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