Sell Vouchers Online

Selling vouchers online is a great way to boost your cash flow, allowing clients to send you funds without physically visiting your place of business. Vouchers give clients the convenience to redeem the voucher at a later date. Selling vouchers online is available to partners with Fresha Plus' online payment features enabled.

 Issuing vouchers online can be done in a few steps:

1. How to sell a voucher

  1. From your Calendar, click Add New > New Sale
  2. Select Vouchers > Gift Voucher
  3. Choose the Value and Expiration date
  4. Select Add Gift Voucher
  5. Select your client and go straight to Check Out.


2. Check out vouchers online

If the client has booked with you in the past and already has their card saved, simply press Charge Card:


Note: The client will receive an authorization code by text message which they can share with you to approve the transaction. You can send the invoice containing the client's voucher code directly to them via fresha, and it's also stored in the client's profile history.


If your client hasn't added their card yet:

  1. Select Pay By App
  2. Review the contact details and hit Send Payment Link

Once the secure payment link is sent, your client will receive an SMS with payment instructions.

Your client will need to:

  1. Click on the link they received via SMS

  2. Securely enter their Card Details

  3. Save their Email and Password to pay.Booking_Flow_with_Payment.png

Note: Clients only have to enter their card the first time. Following that, you'll see a card icon next to their name when they next book with you. No authorization code is required when clients pay this way via SMS.


3. Tracking voucher codes. 

At any time, you can send the voucher code to your client.

All voucher codes can be easily tracked under Sales > Vouchers. You can search by the client's name or contact details when next they come in.


Note: You can click on the blue invoice number to easily resend the invoice once more to your client's email. 

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