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On occasion, you may need to disable online bookings for a certain period of time, for example, if your place of business has closed for renovations. In order to continue accepting new bookings scheduled after you reopen, we recommend adjusting your online availability. This keeps your business profile listed publicly, letting clients easily find you and book appointments for after your period of closure. Keeping your profile listed online also ensures you continue to benefit from all associated features available to you with Fresha Plus.

Please note, online bookings are available to partners with Fresha Plus enabled.

 Disabling Online bookings can be done in the following ways:

Add Closed Dates

The simplest and most effective way to block your availability online is to add closed dates, this is our recommended option.

  1. From your Calendar, click Staff > Closed Dates > New Closed Date
  2. Select the Date range, write a short Description and Save.
  • Here's how it looks to clients booking online:

Note: Clients are automatically prompted to see your Next Available Date, easily jumping straight to the closest possible spot in your calendar. Even as your business remains closed in the near term, you won't be missing out on potential bookings for the future. 

Tip: If your physical venue is closed, but you're able to provide home-based services, you can keep your availability listed online and use Pay By Text to collect payments when visiting clients. 

Update Working Hours

Another approach to control online availability is to edit the working hours for your individual staff. This gives you more granular control than using closed dates, however, it involves some additional steps to take.

  1. Head to Staff > Staff Working Hours 
  2. Select the hours you wish to Update or Delete
  3. Make sure to choose this shift only so future shifts are unaffected

Note: We do not recommend removing all future working hours for all staff, as this results in automatically unlisting your online profile (outlined below). Make sure only to delete working hours for specific days where you need to block online availability, whilst keeping working hours set for staff over following dates.

Unlist your profile

Important: Unlisting your online profile is the most extreme option and is not recommended. Unlisting totally prevents any new online bookings being made, regardless of how far ahead in the future, and it automatically disables your associated Fresha Plus features such as:

  • Fresha Pay
  • No show / late cancellation protection
  • SMS text reminders
  • Marketing messages
  1. Head to Online Bookings > Online Profile > More Options > Unlist Profile
  2. Make sure to clearly read the warning before selecting Unlist Profile.

Note: When you're ready to accept bookings again, head back to Online Bookings and List Profile again.

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