How do I disable online bookings?

If you need to close your business for a short period of time over the festive period, for renovations, or for any other reason, you can disable online bookings so your clients know they cannot book your services on certain days. 

So you can continue accepting bookings scheduled for when reopen, we recommend adjusting your online availability. This keeps your business profile listed publicly, letting clients easily find and book appointments when you’re open again. 

There are three ways you can disable online bookings:

Add closed dates

The simplest and most effective way to block your availability online is to add closed dates. To do this:

  1. Go to Staff and select Closed Dates
  2. Select New Closed Date.
  3. Choose the Date range, add a Reason for closure, and click Save.

Your clients will be notified if the date they’ve selected is unavailable and prompted to check the next available date. 

PRO TIP: If your physical location is closed, but you're still able to provide mobile services, you can keep your availability listed online and use Pay By Link to collect payments when visiting clients. 

Update your working hours

You can control your online availability by editing the working hours for individual staff members. This gives you more granular control than using closed dates, however, it involves some additional steps to take.

  1. Go to Staff and select Staff Working Hours
  2. Click on the shift next to the staff member whose working hours you’re looking to delete.
  3. Make sure to choose Delete this shift only so future shifts aren’t affected.

NOTE: We don’t recommend removing all future working hours for all staff, as this results in automatically unlisting your online profile (outlined below). Make sure you’re only deleting working hours for specific staff members on days where you need to block their online availability.

Unlist your profile

Unlisting your online profile is the most extreme option which we don’t recommend. It prevents any new online bookings from being made and automatically disables all features that come with Fresha Plus, including no-show protection and appointment reminders.

If you’d still like to unlist your profile: 

  1. Go to Online Booking and select Online Profile
  2. Click on More Options and make sure you’ve read the warning before selecting Unlist Profile.

PRO TIP: When you're ready to accept bookings again, head back to Online Booking and publish your profile again.

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