Supporting our partners through coronavirus

At Fresha we’re painfully aware of the hardship experienced by our partners across the globe during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. We're immensely proud of our community of beauty and wellness professionals who are the beating heart of Fresha. To help our community succeed, our team has taken bold steps to slash fees, roll out urgent features, and provide a whole new level of tailored support. We will grow stronger together by helping our partners in need!

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  1. Actions we’re taking to support you
  2. Get the most out of your current features

1. Actions we’re taking to support you

We're totally waiving new Fresha client fees up to end of May 2020

To provide financial relief to our partners, we’ve taken an extraordinary step to waive the 20% new Fresha client fee all together. Attracting new clients can be a lifeline for your business and we want to help as much as possible. Effective from 19 March, until the end of May 2020, we won’t charge you for new clients who discover your business through the Fresha marketplace. If you haven’t already, list your business online to be seen by thousands of clients in your area, clients can book 24/7 via our marketplace or your own Instagram, Facebook, Google pages or your own website.

We’re releasing card payments to your bank faster

To keep your income flowing as fast as possible, Fresha now pays into your bank account daily whenever you collect over $50 / £50 / €50 with Fresha card processing. Effective from 25 March, you no longer need to collect over $100 / £100 / €100 to receive daily payouts. Fresha is totally covering the extra banking costs involved for sending more frequent payouts of smaller amounts. If you haven’t set up integrated payment processing yet, you can find the settings in your account here.

You can now send a blast SMS text message to all your clients!

Our team has been working night and day to fast-track this feature. We know you need it now more than ever – whether it’s announcing your temporary closure, or letting clients know you remain open with hygienic measures. This service is available through Fresha Plus for a small fee, for partners based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland and UAE. Click here to send a blast SMS text message.

We've expanded our partner support team to provide 24/7 support

We know during this stressful time you cannot afford to wait for answers to important questions you may have for us. To ensure fast response times, we have committed additional headcount in our teams of partner support specialists, based in our offices across the globe. As always, our support service remains free of charge to all partners regardless whether you have a free or paid account. Don't hesitate to contact us now at hello@fresha.com

2. Get the most out of your current features

Fresha already offers many incredible tools for you to generate income online, cut operational costs, and keep in touch with clients. Here’s our collection of feature guides which our partners found useful in reducing the business disruption caused by coronavirus. Check back later as we’ll continue adding more handy tips here as we go!

Capture income right now by selling gift vouchers online

Whilst your business may be closed, or has fewer clients visiting, you can still collect income by selling gift vouchers online. Simply create a sale as normal for a voucher, then use the Pay by Text feature to collect online payment from the client. The feature sends a text message to clients to securely enter their card and pay online. It’s a great way to keep money flowing into your business today!

Go cashless, it’s a breeze for clients and super hygienic!

Your team and your clients are concerned about hygiene, don’t force people to hand over cash, cards or wallets in your premises. Fresha's complete payments solution comes with attractive processing rates and clients LOVE using it. You can ask clients to securely add their card ahead of their appointment, whether booked manually or booked online by clients themselves. Also when using the Pay by Text feature, clients can optionally leave you tips. Your clients only ever need to add their card the first time, it then gets saved for effortless online purchases in future!

Take control of cancellations and no-shows

Our partners are seeing unprecedented rates of appointment cancellations. Whilst many cancellations are for entirely valid reasons, some clients can take advantage of the situation to get out of their commitments to you. Our advanced features to protect you from late cancellations and no-shows put you in full control. You get full discretion to decide who, when and how much to charge penalty fees. The features work both for manually booked appointments and online bookings, learn more about our no-show protection features.

Manage your online booking availability

If your business is temporarily closed, you can keep your online presence visible to clients whilst not accepting bookings during your closure period. Simply add closed dates to block out a period of online availability. This keeps your profile visible to clients, and crucially, people attempting to book are automatically directed to the next available day following your closure ‒ you can continue to receive new bookings for the future.

Let clients know about your new hygiene measures

Fresha has various areas where you can communicate enhanced cleanliness standards to clients. Firstly, get the message across to people booking online by updating the description text on your Fresha marketplace profile, and the important info displayed before clients confirm. You can also update the text displayed within your client email notifications.

Switch on your smart marketing campaigns

Let Fresha do the work for you with intelligent marketing campaigns to keep clients returning, boost sales and fill your calendar. Simply set and forget to automatically reach clients through campaigns using targeted, personalized offers for birthdays, lapsing clients, top spenders and many more segments with customisable templates. All message delivery is included for free with Fresha Plus!

Collect positive client reviews about your cleanliness

Clients are more cautious than ever about your business' hygiene standards. Make sure your "Thank you for visiting" notifications are enabled, these politely prompt clients to leave written reviews about their visit. Your clients want to support you and this is a valuable endorsement proven throughout every industry to increase bookings. Encourage clients to mention your exceptional hygiene standards in their reviews.

Remember, Fresha has ZERO subscription fees!

At Fresha we are committed to giving everyone free unlimited calendar bookings, team members, clients, reporting and much, much more! In a time of reduced appointments, you may want to consider cutting monthly subscription fees for other tools in your business. The good news is that even with our optional Fresha Plus features, we follow a fair approach so you only pay for what you use – if your transaction activity is low, so are your fees!

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