How do I send a blast message?

To support your business, you can send one free blast email to all your clients per week until the end of July 2020. A small fee will still apply for blast SMS text messages.

We understand how important it is for you to communicate with your clients. Whether you want to update your clients about moving locations, a change in your business hours or you want to offer a special discount, blast messages are your answer. You can send a blast message in two ways:

  1. SMS Text Message
  2. Email

To access blast messages, you’ll need Fresha Plus enabled. You can send free blast emails even if you decide not to use the other paid features under Fresha Plus, such as card processing. If you haven’t done so already, here’s our guide to enabling Fresha Plus.

  1. How do I send a blast SMS text message? 
  2. How do I send a blast email?

1. How do I send a blast SMS text message?

  1. Go to Marketing and select Blast messagesScreenshot_2020-05-25_at_13.22.36.png
  2. Choose your message type and select SMS text messageScreenshot_2020-05-25_at_13.44.33.png
  3. Personalise your message and add a direct booking link to direct clients to your online services menu or a  custom link.Screenshot_2020-05-25_at_13.30.42.png
  4. View the summary of clients your message will be sent to and go to the next step.Screenshot_2020-05-25_at_13.36.08.png
  5. Choose a payment method and send your message! Screenshot_2020-05-25_at_13.47.13.png
  6. Once your message has been sent, you can view the message details and how your blast message has performed under Your blast messages.

2. How do I send a blast email?

Preparing an email blast campaign is straightforward and takes just a few steps.

  1. Head to the Marketing overview from your main menu.
  2. Select Blast Messages > New MessageScreenshot_2020-05-25_at_14.49.05.png
  3. Select Email Message BlastManage_Blast_Campaigns.png
  4. Adjust the header with your own image, add your email subject, message text and choose which email to receive replies to.
  5. Choose whether to display your Book Now button, or create your own custom button pointing to your website. Then click continue.Barber_Club_-_Email_Blast.png 
  6. You're almost done, the last step confirms how many clients your message will reach.  Confirm_Blast_Campaign.png
  7. Click Send Now

The email campaign will send to every client who opted-in to receiving marketing communications and has an email address on file. Clients can easily opt-out from your messages using the unsubscribe link in the email footer. 

Note: Blast messages will also be shown in your Messages Log

Tip: You can also save yourself time by setting up recurring and automatic messages to send your clients who have birthdays or haven’t booked in a while. You can set these up under Smart Campaigns. Smart Campaigns are included in Fresha Plus at no extra cost and are an effective way to increase your bookings. 

 For more on automated marketing check out our guide:


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